Fr. Robert Barron on the Gnosticism of Transgender Ideology

Good stuff: In justifying the transformation that he has undergone, Jenner consistently says something along these lines: “Deep down, I always knew that I was a woman, but I felt trapped in the body of a man. Therefore, I have the right to change my body to bring it in line with my true identity.” [Read More…]

Fear of the Incarnation and its Discontents

…is under discussion over at the Register. [Read more…]

Kevin O’Brien…

…on the offensive embarrassment of Mary. Mary is right at the epicenter of the scandal of the incarnation, when God decided to not remain in the nice, safe spiritual realm of ideas and platonic forms and instead got all gynecological with the attendant body fluids, mucus and,most of all, blood that goes with that whole [Read More…]