Cdl. Mahony Praises Self for Awesome Humility

Just. Shut. Up. Willya? Benedict, upon retirement, sets the healthy model:  He will disappear from view. Mahony demonstrates why this is wise with his perpetual narcissistic grandstanding, self pity, and thumbs in the eye of his successor.  It’s all about him.  All the time.  Benedict, who is actually humble, will stand aside and let his successor [Read More...]

Los Angeles: Land of Sex Abuse

Here’s the quote: “Unfortunately it doesn’t surprise me,” he says. “It is a culture of indifference where the priests are looking out for the priests. They don’t want to get involved or make accusations, so they turn away. They are more concerned about protecting their own jobs and reputations.” Damn those Catholics and their weird [Read More...]

Laity as Bit Players in the Drama of Clerical Redemption

Rod Dreher on the latest bit of episcopal boneheadedness, appointing a guy who is a confessed gay/bisexual groper of kids, forbidden by the court to be around childen in perpetuity, to be in charge of priestly formation in Newark, NJ.  Smart.  Dreher writes: Ah, so the guy won’t be around children, so what’s the problem? [Read More...]

Quote for the Day

An atheist in my combox has the startling insight that the Church is full of really repulsive people, just like the rest of the human race. Reader Ghosty remarks: We expect about one out of twelve bishops to murder God, so we’re not laboring under any illusions about the sinners in the Church, and never [Read More...]

Mahony to Gomez

“No! This cannot be! I am invincible! If I must go, I will take as many of you with me as I can destroy!!!!” The voice of the Good Shepherd. Yeah. Look, if it turns out that Abp. Gomez is somehow complicit, then by all means let him face the music. On the other hand, [Read More...]

Bravo, Abp Gomez

Former LA Abp Mahony is relieved of duties and Bp. Curry is out. Rocco Palmo, who really knows what’s going on, gives you the details and what it all means (In brief: this is a biiiiig deal). Joanne McPortland, Frank Weathers and Deacon Greg Kandra have more. I don’t have much to add beyond, “Appalling–and a relief [Read More...]

Cardinal Mahony and some of his staff…

…should be wearing liturgical orange for obstruction of justice. But that’s up to us laypeople, who run the police, staff the courts, and man the jails. [Read more...]

The American Catholic Church Continues the Great Enema

…that commenced during the Long Lent of 2002. There has been a lot of change and improvement, but as cases like Bp Finn and, ahem, this guy demonstrate we have not crossed the finish line. I’m having trouble tracking the timeline on the priest and when he stopped serving. Can somebody make sense of it [Read More...]

Hear that Huge Outcry?

Me neither. About what? A reader writes: You might be interested in this. I’m looking forward to all of the publicity this will garner in the major press outlets and the shrill outcry for investigation into who in the abortion industry knew and what did they do to cover it up. Also for links to [Read More...]

I hate being right all the time

For years I have foretold that the day would come when the Church will be damned by the world, not for failing to prevent pedophilia, but for trying to prevent it.  Pedophilia was a useful club for the Manufacturers of Culture to feign outrage at the Church and land some solid punches because, luckily for [Read More...]

Memo to Bill Donohue: Please Stop Helping Now

Shoutin’ Bill offers a text book lesson in how not to defend the Faith: The Times says that Finn’s conviction of a misdemeanor “stemmed from his failure to report the Rev. Shawn Ratigan to the authorities after hundreds of pornographic pictures that Father Ratigan had taken of young girls were discovered on his laptop in [Read More...]

Some People are Gloating

…because the BBC, which absolutely *loved* the Scandal in the Catholic Church is now confronting its own massive institutional failure in preventing a Beloved Personality from being a predator. I think that the main thing to do here is to keep the focus on two things: 1) the victims and their need for help and 2) [Read More...]