The Infallible Faithful Conservative Catholic Anti-Charism of Discernment Marches On!

From the subculture that learned nothing from Maciel, circled the wagons for Euteneuer, backed unjust war and torture more ardently than the average American, defended Ayn Rand as Aristotle Redivivus, seriously believed that Romney was a Changed Man about abortion and somebody who cared about the HHS Mandate, attacked the bishop who investigated Corapi as a “satanic” [Read More...]

Tom Kreitzberg Speaks for Me…

…regarding the preposterous claim that there was nothing the Diocese of San Diego could do for an abused woman and her four children besides kick mom out of her job and ban the kids from the school system for the crime of being abused: There are no Knights of Columbus councils in San Diego? No [Read More...]

Good. More please.

Vatican announcement: Disgraced Cardinal O’Brien leaving Scotland for “penance and prayer”… Memo for those of you saying, “Oh yeah?  Why doesn’t the Vatican *jail* him?” See. there’s this thing called “civil law”. We laity do the jailing thing. And we chose not to. That’s not Rome’s job, particularly with foreigners.  And the Church’s job is to emphasize the “mercy for [Read More...]


The day is coming when the Church will be despised, not for allowing sexual abuse of minors, but for forbidding it. What is necessary for the cultural change? Well, money and power coupled with the endless appetite for perversion among our elites, of course. It was one thing for the BBC to fake concern about [Read More...]

What is the *matter* with this guy?

How, at this late date, can a bishop still be such an utter, utter numbskull? Newark Abp Myers allows priest who *admitted* groping boy to continue working with children What baffles me is the sheer gratuitous, wilful, reckless, irresponsibly wicked stupidity of this stuff. 30 years ago, when the Smart People were saying that second chances and [Read More...]

Francis bans Cdl. Law from his own church? It appears not

According to the Daily Mail: So when the appearance of a disgraced cardinal threatened to cast a shadow over his first engagement, Francis I made sure it couldn’t happen again – by banning him from his own church. Cardinal Bernard Law resigned as Archbishop of Boston in 2002, after being accused of actively covering up [Read More...]

Another Aussie Contrarian, and an Atheist to Boot…

on the strange freedom the media feel in just making crap up if it’s useful for bashing the Church. The truth is bad enough. Why lie about it? Unless, of course, you are simply an unscrupulous liar. The problem is, the next time you report on something about the Church, why should I believe you? [Read more...]

Fr. Scapegoat

Interesting piece by an Aussie “well and truly lapsed” Catholic who recognizes that priests have become the latest in a long line of figures on whom a deranged culture heaps its sins rather than confront them: Women were scapegoated and tortured and murdered as witches in the Dark Ages, Hitler used the Jews as scapegoats, [Read More...]

The Great Enema Continues

The pattern appears to continue.  When the bishop has not himself committed the sexual sin, he has tended to be left to face the music from flock and civil authorities, if civil authorities (that is, us laity) press charges.  If he has committed the sexual sin himself, he’s gone.  O’Brien is now gone–leaving us with [Read More...]

Mahony Continues to Make a Spectacle of Himself

Now he’s the Suffering Servant, identifying himself with Jesus as he was prophecied in Isaiah 53.  He humbly writes of himself: The poem of the Suffering Servant is important for all of us who are disciples of Jesus Christ since we are called to imitate his words, actions, and life.  Part of that journey will [Read More...]