Mass Slaughter? Whooptidoo.

A leader in gun culture offers rationales for maintaining the status quo so tortured that even he does not undertand them and finally winds up so pretzeled in his logic that he agrees with his interlocutor: Meanwhile, another day, another family slaughtered. The death toll is now eight, six of them children. To which gun [Read More...]

When even the NRA acknowledges the existence…

…of Insane Gun Culture and begs them to dial it back and stop acting like scary weirdos, I think we can all agree that Insane Gun Culture is a problem (except of course to those deep inside the Bubble of Insane Gun Culture). Not to worry though, under intense pressure from armed and scary weirdos, [Read More...]

Another Maniac Exercises His Sacred Second Amendment Rights

…in my backyard, a few hundred yards from people I know and care about. Everyone I know is okay, but one family’s son (a boy my son’s age) is dead and three others are wounded in the umpteenth act of meaningless gun slaughter here in the Land of Meaningless Gun Slaughter. Meanwhile, the Onion captures [Read More...]

The Single Most Important Fact about our Gun Culture

…is 30,000 corpses each and every year. There are a lot of other secondary considerations. But that is, overwhelmingly, from a prolife perspective, the single most important fact. My views on our gun culture are fairly simple.  It can be boiled down to this: the human tradition of the second amendment does not trump the [Read More...]

Prayers for the People of St. James the Just Parish in Ogden

Friend of the Blog Fr. Erik Richsteig had a shooting in his parish during Mass.  The victim is in critical but stable condition.  Fr. Erik says he will be OK.  The shooter was the victim’s son-in-law. Father, heal the victim completely, give grace, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and skill to his caregivers; give grace, peace, faith, [Read More...]

Perhaps it’s time to revisit that whole “well-regulated militia” part of the second amendment

…cuz the whole 22:1 ratio thing doesn’t look healthy to me: [E]every time a gun in the home was used in a self-defense or legally justifiable shooting, there were four unintentional shootings, seven criminal assaults or homicides, and 11 attempted or completed suicides. [Read more...]

Things I Don’t Get

I get charging the Boston Bomber with using a weapon of mass destruction. What I don’t get is why a gun used to slaughter and wound far more people on multiple occasions is not a weapon of mass destruction too. [Read more...]

My friend John C. Wright…

co-founder of the extremely exclusive Wright/Shea Mutual Admiration Society raises some objections to my somewhat cheekily titled post “Americans Suddenly Favor Limiting Right to Keep and Bear Arms“.  Quoting me saying “So what’s the basic difference between this and our own domestic debates? As near as I can tell, it boils down to acceptable losses.”, [Read More...]

Americans Suddenly Favor Limiting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

TEST #3: ‘Miniaturized, lighter’… Japan’s PM Calls Urgent Security Meeting… Pyongyang orders troops to prepare for combat… Test A Response to ‘Outrageous’ US Hostility… On Eve Of Obama Speech… World shaken… NUCLEAR SNAKE ‘SERIOUS THREAT’ TO USA I’m fairly certain we will not be hearing too much about how “the real source of evil is [Read More...]

Here’s an idea. Let’s see if the Church has any input

International Conference on Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in all its Aspects [Read more...]

Meanwhile, the Gun Lobby Continues to Impress

Fresh from the public relations coup of “Guns Across America” for Martin Luther King’s birthday, and the not at all crazy plans for secession and armed revolt, we now get the nauseating spectacle of gun zealots heckling the father of a victim of the Sandy Hook slaughter. Update: Some readers are insisting that if you [Read More...]

So what would I suggest about guns?

First, of course, I would suggest that it is perfectly true to say that the problem of violence lies in the human heart, not primarily (note that word, of which more anon) in the instruments by which we enact our violence. So yes, all the stuff the gun lobby says about the mystery of sin [Read More...]