Americans Suddenly Favor Limiting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

TEST #3: ‘Miniaturized, lighter’… Japan’s PM Calls Urgent Security Meeting… Pyongyang orders troops to prepare for combat… Test A Response to ‘Outrageous’ US Hostility… On Eve Of Obama Speech… World shaken…  NUCLEAR SNAKE ‘SERIOUS THREAT’ TO USA I’m fairly certain we will not be hearing too much about how “the real source of evil is [Read More...]

Here’s an idea. Let’s see if the Church has any input

International Conference on Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in all its Aspects [Read more...]

Meanwhile, the Gun Lobby Continues to Impress

Fresh from the public relations coup of “Guns Across America” for Martin Luther King’s birthday, and the not at all crazy plans for secession and armed revolt, we now get the nauseating spectacle of gun zealots heckling the father of a victim of the Sandy Hook slaughter. Update: Some readers are insisting that if you [Read More...]

So what would I suggest about guns?

First, of course, I would suggest that it is perfectly true to say that the problem of violence lies in the human heart, not primarily (note that word, of which more anon) in the instruments by which we enact our violence. So yes, all the stuff the gun lobby says about the mystery of sin [Read More...]

As the Boy Who Cried Wolf Discovered…

…when you scream “HITLER!” every time something doesn’t go your way, you wind up having people making making fun of your rhetoric: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor [Read More...]

Mystical Arguments I Think are Rubbish

After every incident of mass murder with a gun, I can reliably count on my FB page filling up with some variation on “No law can remove evil from the human heart” (from which we are apparently to conclude that any attempt to limit the access of lunatics to the technology of mass murder is [Read More...]

A reader thinks he disagrees with me

…and he writes to gripe at me for not trying to provide some “explanation” for the monstrous outburt of evil in Newtown: There are only “no answers” because we studiously avoid looking for answers, because the search would lead us to answers that are politically and economically inconvenient for us.  These are not unforseeable once-in-a-generation [Read More...]

Everything is Just Fine With America’s Gun Culture

This work of genius was an ad for Bushmaster guns.  Bushmaster makes the gun used at Sandy Hook.  And as the second amendment clearly states, guns exist so that losers can prove their manliness to elementary school kids. [Read more...]

The Irenist Summarizes My Thoughts

What I’m hoping for… is for us to learn to think of gun crime (and drugs!) as a public health problem amenable to sensible regulation, rather than a form of Wal-Mart vs. Whole Foods identity politics where we argue about “Liberty!” and “Dead Kids!” all day without getting anywhere, just like we do (with Team [Read More...]

Noodling American Gun Culture Memes

This meme, and hundreds like it that pop up every time some massive outrage with mass artillery is committed, illustrates for me something that always bugs me about the “leap to enthuse over massive artillery even harder than before” gun lobby. Here’s the thing: the meme winds up accidently suggesting that all attempts to deal [Read More...]