As Long As We Still Get “American Idol” We’re Happy

…and if you happen to be damned furriner who doesn’t think our Empire has the right to spy on you, stay right there and we’ll dispatch a drone to kill you and your family–for freedom! [Read more...]

Dr. Frankfeinstein is surprised that her Monster turned on her

Here she is, offering a full-throated defense of NSA spying on us little people. And here she is, genuinely shocked that the Deep State would spy on her and other members of what she thought were the Immune Elite. Security states tend to devour themselves in Orwellian layers of deeper and deeper secrecy and deceit. When [Read More...]

Basic State of the Question on Obama Spying on You

He is, as ever, as surprised as you are to discover what he’s been doing.  In related news, Obama awakens with jolt to discover he is president.  Claims First Lady put something in his drink. As for you little people, the Administration explains, “Shut up“. Besides, the folks spying on you are your friends and [Read More...]

This is an actual realio-trulio representation of how your government thinks

This is not a logo for some Dr. Evil comedy spy satellite.  This is that actual, no foolin’ image your government decided to slap on its latest spy satellite and launch into space. It is the fitting and proper heir to such classics as (yes, this one was real too): and (again, real): I fear [Read More...]

A good read…

…on the privacy issue. [Read more...]

What, Exactly, is the Difference Between Obama’s Behavior and that of the KGB or Stasi?

Italian Magazine Says NSA Listened into Vatican and Pope Oh! Wait! I remember! Obama supposedly had *no idea* what the NSA was doing and is therefore totally innocent of making us a rogue nation bent on trying to control everything with spy technology, drone murders, and Machiavellian cynicism. He is relieved of the guilt of [Read More...]