Gillis Harp Writes a Fine Piece for Crisis

…pointing out the obvious fact that capitalism, unmoored from all consideration except profit is as deadly an enemy to the Faith as Communism (perhaps more deadly since Communism kills the body while capitalism seduces the soul). He is instantly shouted down by a great crowd in the comboxes. And do not fear those who kill [Read More…]

GOP Announces Formation of Committee to Elect Hillary Clinton

First out of the gate in that endeavor, committee chair Ted Cruz, whose appalling abuse of persecuted Christians in the Middle East set the gold standard for sheer cynicism last fall.  It will be fascinating to see if he completes the Campbellesque Hero’s Journey story arc from “Guy who stands on a mound of Mideast Christian [Read More…]

GOP to Prolifers…

Thanks for your support, suckers! [Read more…]

“To stamp out world Communism I would be willing to destroy the entire universe, even to the furthest star.”

Ryan McMaken on some of the truly insane things rattling around in the attic of conservatism. All merely human political ideologies, even the ones we like, are–apart from grace–capable of willing (and, if we are not careful, enacting) gigantic evil–and often in reaction to gigantic evil. The appalling thing about our present age is that, [Read More…]

Chicks on the Right Do a Bang up Job of Illustrating why…

…“The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend” should be written a thousand times on all those conservative cafeteria Catholic chalkboards full of “Don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good.” [Read more…]

The prophet Whittaker Chambers

A friend writes: Did you ever come accross this quote?  Whittaker Chambers wrote this shortly before his death, to his friend William F. Buckley in the wake of the Republican defeat in 1960. “If the Republican Party cannot get some grip of the actual world we live in, and from it generalize and actively promote a program that [Read More…]

This man showed such promise to the highly discerning Thing that Used to be Conservatism

…that it promoted him to Executive Director of the South Carolina GOP: Oh, but that’s not all: A number of media outlets detailed a range of inflammatory messages he posted to his Twitter account[11][12] in 2013, which include mocking Florida shooting victim Trayvon Martin[13] and saying that transgendered people should be placed in a concentration-style camp.[2][14][15] He also posted to his [Read More…]

Today’s Freaking Insane Conservative News

You can’t get me far enough away from this lunacy fast enough: “The former general counsel and executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party is coming under fire for the novel solutions to the Ebola epidemic he is posting on Twitter. The vehemently pro-life Todd Kincannon began by arguing that anyone who contracts Ebola [Read More…]

The American Conservative…

…on the lamentable state of the Thing that Used to Be Conservatism. Heretic-burning “conservatism” can only conceive of criticism as an attack by Outsiders since it is obsessed with trying purge heretics and can no longer conceive of anyone critiquing it because they want a better conservatism. Without a better conservatism, we will get, forever, [Read More…]

NRO Writer: Hang Women Who Have Had Abortions

Dear Thing that Used to Be Conservatism: This is why people hate you. [Read more…]