Ted Cruz: There really is no bottom…

…to the despicable cynicism of this despicable man. First, he betrays Middle Eastern Christians for the sake of a fund-raising ploy. Now he declares that his critics don’t care about Christians. If the Thing that Used to be Conservatism supports this creep for President they will lose, lose bad, and deserve the beating they get. [Read More…]

Dear Prolife Conservatives

Those Republicans you voted for in the Most Important Election of our Lifetime?  The ones you *screamed* at me for failing to support and told me that I, personally, have the blood of millions of babies on my hands?  Those guys? They just voted–again–to fund Planned Parenthood–not to mention Syrian rebel (aka Al Quaida). Next [Read More…]

FOX: Raising cynical nihilistic nonsense to an art form

A reader nicely sums up the latest nonsense from the FOX Ministry of Truth: Obama has too much power, is breaking the constitution, and is waging a war on Christians. We should give him the power to put enemies of the state in concentration camps based solely on their religion. Also, don’t forget that we [Read More…]

FOX Panelist argues Japanese Internment Camps Were Justified

The infallible charism of Wrongness again asserts itself, this time in favor of, y’know, suggesting a course of action for Muslims on our shores.  It is, notably, the same network that for years hosted the paranoid rantings of Glenn Beck and rumors about FEMA concentration camps, as well as Sean Hannity’s games of footsie with [Read More…]

Pamela Geller Looks Longingly at Communist China

In the ongoing metamorphoses of the Thing that Used to be Conservatism into a social movement that manages to get almost everything wrong, here is one of its Shapers of “Thought” hoping against hope that America would just grab the One Ring, and transform itself into a mass-murdering Communist despotism (and the one with more blood [Read More…]

Tom McDonald is right

The Imaginative Conservative (along with the American Conservative) has become one of the few organs of conservative opinion left that I respect. Tom writes: Ralph Nader Understands Conservatism Better Than Most “Conservatives” Probably because he wants to conserve something. [Read more…]

It turns out that when you cut taxes on people who have boatloads of money

…and try to get blood from the turnip of people who have no money (just to make sure the poor are punished good and hard like they deserve), your state winds up with no money and can’t take care of the common good like it’s supposed to.  It’s like all those biblical warnings are true [Read More…]

Stupid Francis-Hating Conservative Tricks

Talking Hairdo at Breitbart complains that Francis is helping kids at US border but not persecuted Iraqis. Yeah. Why doesn’t he unleash some drones or Swiss Guards on ISIS? Um, your honor, the Pope has no divisions. He can pray (and has) for the persecuted Christians in the Mideast. He can express his love and [Read More…]

A conservative reader from Kentucky writes…

Mark, the conservative Republican chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the Ky state senate has written a very humble and thoughtful piece on immigration and the crisis on the border. He is a state legislator, not a member of Congress, but he could be a rising star in the Ky GOP and is a refreshing, [Read More…]

Rush Limbaugh Continues Standard Conservative Francis-Hating Tactics

It’s pretty simple. Take some MSM misreading of something Francis says–usually something a 10 year old could understand with a little effort–believe the MSM misreading, and then smite Francis hip and thigh for things he didn’t say and obviously did not mean. Rebecca Hamilton is right. The most *charitable* explanation is that Limbaugh is an [Read More…]