Why ‘Unpatriotic Conservatives’ Could Not Be Written Today

is the question raised by the eminently sane Daniel McCarthy. Oooh! Oooh!  Me! Me!  I know! Because the conservatives who objected to the Iraq war were right and completely vindicated by the catastrophe that followed? Because the bullying chickenhawk neocons who tried to excommunicate them were so disastrously wrong that even David Frum, the little hack [Read More…]

We Have to Abandon All our Principles and Support the Prolife GOP

Because they care *so* much about us: “On March 6, the House Republican leadership called an initial floor vote on their version of the continuing resolution (CR) needed to fund the government through the rest of this fiscal year after the current CR expires on March 27. This House leadership CR did not include the [Read More…]

Opposite evils to do not balance: They aggravate each other

A reader complains: You and Galupo are just wrong about Palin. Her bit with the Big Gulp was so drawn out, it was obviously comic shtick to make fun of Bloombergism. Apparently Palin the performance artist is too sophisticated for snotty Mark Shea to understand. I think product warning labels are often deeply stupid and [Read More…]

Here’s an Idea for the GOP: Stop Lionizing Stupidity

“Republicans will start winning elections again by telling Americans they should be proud of acting stupid.” Yes.  Yes indeed. In a related vein, when Bubba Jo Suggs and Nathan Bedford Forrest Jr. show up at your CPAC workshop on racial diversity and proceed to sing the glories of the Confederacy, crow about “White Culture” and [Read More…]

Meanwhile, in the Fever Swamps…

it turns out that Obama is a communist agent whose “presidency had been planned since birth“. This particular meme seems to be very popular with the Paranoid American community at present. Of course, the same people who accuse him of being an atheist communist experience no cognitive dissonance when they also accuse him of being [Read More…]

Bill Kristol: Infallibly Wrong About Everything

Bill Kristol, Warmonger Extraordinaire, has managed to be so wrong so often about so many things that when he attacks something or somebody, it’s a kind of negative imprimatur.  No.  Really.  The guy has a sort of charism of wrongness: So what is his Wrongitude up to now?  Why, joining up with McCain and Graham [Read More…]

Avatars of Thing That Used to be Conservativism Attack Actual Conservatism

Well that didn’t take long.  Tom McDonald notes on his FB page about the political whoring of John McCain and Lindsey Graham as they pull out the long knives to deal with Rand Paul’s uppity protest against our Ruling Class and the Corporatist Police State they service: Rand Paul has finally forced the issue of [Read More…]

Thing that Used to Be Conservatism Cheers for Despotism

In our current state of political discourse, the idea of thinking before reacting is getting rarer and rarer.  The Thing that Used to be Conservatism, being almost entire a creature of the Conservative Infotainment Complex, seems to never give much thought to its positions these days beyond, “Does this have a chance of ginning up [Read More…]

When You Hit Bottom, Don’t Keep Digging

Eliana Johnson explains why it was stroke of genius to attack Obama for calling the Holocaust “senseless violence” and announces that her critics only bear out her opinion of her own brilliance. Here, let me help.  I don’t think Johnson really set out to defend the Nazis.  She’s on record, after all, as mocking Holocaust [Read More…]

Is National Review Losing Its Senses?

In one of the weirder moments of neocon contrarianism, NRO chooses to forge ahead with asserting two of its basic tenets–1) that violence is great and cool and creatively destructive and 2) that Obama is always to be contradicted no matter what–by condemning him for calling the Holocaust an act of senseless violence.  No.  Really: [Read More…]