Quote of the Day

A reader writes: “This conscience voter phenomenon is so bizarre.” Exhibit A in why I think we need to focus more on the impact voting has on the voter and less on the (virtually non-existent) impact the vote has on the outcome of an election. That a pro-life Catholic should find the idea of voting [Read More...]

“Prolife Except When It Endangers the Political Life of the Father”

The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive When a man like this yaks prolife/family values culture war rhetoric, takes you up on a high mountain, and promisse that “all the kingdoms of the earth will I give you if you bow down and vote for me” don’t. Just [Read More...]

For all Those “Realists” Out There

Here’s some reality.  The reason the GOP is not up in the polls by 15 points against a President this weak in an economy this lousy is not due to a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy, or Evil Media, or Erin Manning or even the awesomely powerful Mark Shea and his hypnotic Svengali-like power over a [Read More...]

A perfectly respectable argument for Romney

…and one I am considering, from my good friend Dale Price: He wasn’t even my fifth choice in this cycle, and his record is in many respects indistinguishable from that of the President. Including on the central issue of religious freedom. Yeah, Mitt’s a bit of a giant liar on his record in Massachusetts. But/However/Nonetheless [Read More...]

“Conservative Catholic” Zeal for the Culture of Death

The other day, we took a look at one of the great heros of human history, : Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov who ignored orders and did not authorize a retaliatory nuclear strike on the United States when his technology falsely reported incoming nuclear warheads from the US.  I remarked: I cannot help but wonder [Read More...]

As the Thing that Used to be Conservatism Continues Its March Toward Suicide

various people are trying to figure out “What happened?” Two useful essays I have run across are here and here. They tell intriguingly similar tales.  The first, by David Brooks, mourns the eclipse by purely economic conservatism of “the traditional conservative, intellectual heir to Edmund Burke, Russell Kirk, Clinton Rossiter and Catholic social teaching. This sort [Read More...]

And in Today’s Prolife Political Wife Beating News

House Republicans Pass Funding for Planned Parenthood, Obamacare and Regulation Forcing Catholics to Act Against Faith They love you, baby.  It’s just that, well, they work so *hard* for you and you keep making them angry with your stupid endless talk about the children and you wanting some respect.  Can anybody blame them if they [Read More...]

Mitt Romney, Pro-Life CHAMPION!

TMZ has learned Mitt Romney’s son Tagg — who had twins this year through a surrogate — signed an agreement that gave the surrogate, as well as Tagg and his wife, the right to abort the fetuses in non-life threatening situations … and Mitt Romney covered some of the expenses connected with the arrangement. When [Read More...]

How Conservatism….

…became the Thing that Used to be Conservatism. The Thing That Used to be Liberalism lost its soul some 20 years earlier, when it ceased to be the party of the little guy and became the party that would stick scissors in a baby’s brain in order to get a vote. I’m interested in conservatism [Read More...]

Good Thing It’s not Torture

Delaware Pediatrician(!) Waterboards Daughter It’s been conclusively shown by the best Catholic ethics money can buy that this is not torture. Now we have confirmation from the medical community as well. And, of course, the most deeply conservative minds of our time love it and laugh about it. As I’ve pointed out for some time, [Read More...]