What Happens When Christians Try to Play by the World’s Rules

The world doesn’t care and writes headlines like “Imaginary Boss Lets Woman Get Promotion“ [Read more…]

Answering Episcopalian Delusions

An Anglican reader writes: Greetings from the hinterlands of Anglicanism. I was directed to a couple of your responses to the looney toon wing of the Roman church. I have enjoyed them, but I think I should let you know that as an Episcopalian who is 100% behind female ordination, all the way to the [Read More…]

The Thing that Used to be Episcopalianism…

…has successfully reached that point when it is now impossible to tell the difference between satire and reality: New Book Highlights “Systematic Oppression, Degradation” Of Women In Bible Washington, DC––Fresh off her groundbreaking sermon denouncing “the misogynist St. Paul” for depriving the demoniac girl of her spiritual gifts in Acts 16:16, Presiding Bishop of the [Read More…]


Matthew Fox long ago got tired of old and busted regular boring Christianity. Solution: The Cosmic Mass! Matthew Fox, for those of you pups too young too remember, was once a Dominican. He flipped out and got all into New Age cotton candy, featuring magical mystical bears and witches and who knows what all. A [Read More…]