I bet he was shocked to discover there was gambling in Vegas too

Obama pretends to care about money in politics then goes to a 32,000/head fundraiser hosted by a bazillionaire named–I am not making this up–Rich Richman. [Read more...]

The Left is the natural home for hatred of the first amendment

Whether in the form of no free speech bubbles at abortion clinics, or attempts to crush all criticism of homosex, or the deadly silence about persecution of Christians across the globe, or ridiculous campus speech codes, nearly all the cries for crushing freedom of speech come from the Left. [Read more...]

The One Non-Negotiable Core Value of the Democrat Party

UPDATE:  My apologies.  A reader informs me: This is the record of a procedural vote on the anti-Hobby Lobby bill. S.2578: “The purpose of this Act is to ensure that employers that provide health benefits to their employees cannot deny any specific health benefits, including contraception coverage, to any of their employees or the covered [Read More...]

NOW puts Little Sisters of the Poor on their “Dirty 100″ Enemies List

This is what dealers in image call “bad optics”–and not for the Little Sisters of the Poor. The spectacle of NOW beating up these sweet little nuns while screaming about a “War on Women” is like watching Brutus stomp the living daylights out of Sweet Pea and whine that he’s the real victim. May it [Read More...]

At the Gray Lady, Some People…

…are more equal than others. Leftist hypocrisy in chemical purity. [Read more...]

“She that would be greatest among you…

…must be the dominatrix of all.” – Nancy Pelosi [Read more...]

No comment

Car with COEXIST bumper sticker runs over prolife display. [Read more...]

Harvard Writer So Passionate to Save Liberalism…

…she is adamant that free speech must be crushed in order to preserve it. The Leftist itch for tyranny is always so hilariously un-self-aware. Righties, when they go off the deep end into Dark Enlightment crap, know that they have to cloak their language in pseudo-scientific euphemism like “human biodiversity” to create a sufficient smokescreen [Read More...]

Klass with a Kapital K

So Shirley Temple died the other day. The Normal American community says, “God rest her soul. She lived a full life. Seemed like a decent sort. Survive child stardom and seem to have had her head screwed on straight. Flights of angels sing they to thy rest.” On the Left? “F*ck Shirley Temple” and Tweetfests [Read More...]

Meanwhile, in the Thing that Used to Be Liberalism…

MSNBC: Conservatives ‘hate’ biracial CHEERIOS… FLASHBACK: MSNBC host, panel ridicule Romney’s black grandchild… Seriously, does anybody (outside the lunatics of the Dark Enlightenment post-Christian conservative racialists and MSNBC lefty racialists) even notice biracial anything anymore? Who gives a rip if Cheerios does some bi-racial ad? [Read more...]

Speaking of the Pittsford Perennialist…

It’s hard to improve on this: “If we want to keep our reproductive rights, we must be willing to tell our stories, to be willing and able to say, ‘I love my life, but I wish my mother had aborted me,’” said Lynn Beisner quoted by TownHall.com‘s John Hawkins — The 25 Stupidest Liberal Quotes [Read More...]

The Mysterious Mind of the Leftist Obama Worshipper

Over on FB, there is a page called “Being Liberal”. It does stuff like valiantly defy whatever crazy stuff Pat Robertson says today and bravely faces the applause of its peers as it courageously pats itself on the back. However, it has been remarkably silent about the Dear Leader’s rampup to war with Syria and [Read More...]