Harvard Writer So Passionate to Save Liberalism…

…she is adamant that free speech must be crushed in order to preserve it. The Leftist itch for tyranny is always so hilariously un-self-aware. Righties, when they go off the deep end into Dark Enlightment crap, know that they have to cloak their language in pseudo-scientific euphemism like “human biodiversity” to create a sufficient smokescreen [Read More…]

Klass with a Kapital K

So Shirley Temple died the other day. The Normal American community says, “God rest her soul. She lived a full life. Seemed like a decent sort. Survive child stardom and seem to have had her head screwed on straight. Flights of angels sing they to thy rest.” On the Left? “F*ck Shirley Temple” and Tweetfests [Read More…]

Meanwhile, in the Thing that Used to Be Liberalism…

MSNBC: Conservatives ‘hate’ biracial CHEERIOS… FLASHBACK: MSNBC host, panel ridicule Romney’s black grandchild… Seriously, does anybody (outside the lunatics of the Dark Enlightenment post-Christian conservative racialists and MSNBC lefty racialists) even notice biracial anything anymore? Who gives a rip if Cheerios does some bi-racial ad? [Read more…]

Speaking of the Pittsford Perennialist…

It’s hard to improve on this: “If we want to keep our reproductive rights, we must be willing to tell our stories, to be willing and able to say, ‘I love my life, but I wish my mother had aborted me,’” said Lynn Beisner quoted by TownHall.com‘s John Hawkins — The 25 Stupidest Liberal Quotes [Read More…]

The Mysterious Mind of the Leftist Obama Worshipper

Over on FB, there is a page called “Being Liberal”. It does stuff like valiantly defy whatever crazy stuff Pat Robertson says today and bravely faces the applause of its peers as it courageously pats itself on the back. However, it has been remarkably silent about the Dear Leader’s rampup to war with Syria and [Read More…]

The Doom of the Obama Worshipper…

…is to come to the place where Sarah Palin is obviously smarter than Obama. Why on *earth* are we about to arm Al-Quaeda, a pack of butchers who just slaughtered a 15 year old boy in front of his parents for “heresy”? Why is this our fight? [Read more…]

When Progressives Attack!

So yesterday I get an email from some total stranger titled “you”. Upon opening it, it reads: What a moron. Happy Trails and Pax Vobiscum This was rather cryptic, but since sundry people have been upset with my obvious moral obtuseness in thinking that Christians should not be trying to get people to agree to [Read More…]

Now It’s the Progressives’ Turn to Go Off on Simcha Fisher

So a couple of weeks ago, Simcha Fisher made the commonsense observation that if you deny or make excuses for the murder of millions of Jews by the Nazis (you know, “It never happened and besides they deserved it”, that sort of thing), then you have parted company with all decency and sanity. Naturally, this [Read More…]

Partisanship vs. Pentecost

The readings yesterday illustrate dramatically the contrast between the mind of the flesh and the mind of Christ.  The first reading, of course, is about Babel and the confusion of tongues after the children of Ham tried to “make a name” for themselves.  There is a subtext here that is usually lost on the modern [Read More…]

Meanwhile, out on the Left…

David Sirota at Salon does battle with the tribalists of his tribe, who won’t support Rand Paul’s stand for bloody obvious sound principle–that the President does not have the right to secretly order your murder–because he is a ritually impure Republican. Most of my readers are conservatives, so I spend a lot of my time [Read More…]