No. Seriously. If you are a Lefty who voted for “Hope and Change”

…what can possibly stop you from repenting your vote with burning shame? I sometimes wonder if there is a perverse zeal for abortion and similar pelvic issues on the Left that keeps people voting for *their* despicable candidate in much that same way that people on the right will vote for the most absurd crook [Read More...]

Nice to see

It isn’t just former members of the Thing that Used to be Conservatism who are disaffected.  It’s also former members of the Thing that Used to be Liberalism. [Read more...]

Lefties: Please explain to me again…

…*why* you support this guy when he has taken all the worst things about the Bush Administration–and made them even worse: You guys complain that the GOP learned nothing from the Iraq War. True enough. But then if you are still a Lefty Obama supporter, you appear to be throwing stones from a glass house. [Read More...]

Hope and Change!

It’s a complete mystery to me why any Lefty with an ounce of self-respect left does not vote third party. If you are a Lefty Obama support and are not yet conversant in reasons to feel burning shame for prostituting your alleged “liberal values” for this man, you need to go an read one of the [Read More...]

Pelosi Demonstrates, Yet Again, that Her Faith

…is not the Catholic Faith. Sorry, Nancy, but the Catholic faith is not esoteric. It is not “whatever I feel deeply in my heart”. It is the faith once given to the apostles and handed down to us through the Holy Catholic Church. Here is what your faith *actually* teaches about marriage: 1601 “The matrimonial [Read More...]


pioneering Progressive insufferabilty for over two centuries, moves to ban school bake sales. [Read more...]

Coming Soon to a Police State Near You

“The CIA is seeking authority to expand its covert drone campaign in Yemen by launching strikes against terrorism suspects *even when it does not know the identities of those who could be killed*, U.S. officials said.” Recall that our God King’s justification for indefinite detention and assassination of Americans is that Everywhere is the Battlefield [Read More...]

A reader doubly blasphemes…

one of the sacred dogmas of the Thing that Used to be Conservatism. He writes: I just paged the hard copy of this article (pdf attached) for an ILL request. This leads to the first blasphemy, namely that the authors refuse to play the bs game of saying “enhanced interrogation” instead of torture or feigning [Read More...]


Pelosi and fellow Lefties want to effectively repeal the first amendment.  I knew Lefties hate free speech but I didn’t think they’d be stupid and hubristic enough to try this yet. [Read more...]