Trump promotes racist conspiracy theorist…

…top of National Security Council, demotes Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the Director of National Intelligence. Steve Bannon, conspiracy theorist and promoter of Alt Right Nazi garbage has been given a privileged role in our national security by our racist sociopath president.  This fits perfectly with his scapegoating of immigrants and his eager promotion [Read More…]

Why Am I So Harsh on the Incestuous Relationship between Catholics and “Conservatism”?

Simple.  If Nancy Pelosi were to declare that abortion should be a sacrament, not one prolife Catholic on the planet would do anything but reject it with revulsion.  But when demagogues like Sarah Palin crap all over the holy sacrament of baptism like this a huge percentage of “prolife” Catholycs cheer and repeat the meme (as I [Read More…]

Read this embarrassing headline and think about it

because it’s the future of the “prolife” movement if it continues to sell its soul for the sake of power: Brown stresses prochoice stance as abortion foes offer backing Leading antiabortion group to support Scott Brown, calling him a ‘a senator who votes pro-life’ But he is Republican. So even though he squirms like a [Read More…]