Buy too many iPhones

get tased by trigger-happy cops. What police state? [Read more…]

There are still some bugs to be worked out of the Police/Surveillance State

One of them is when the Police accidently get their own selves surveilled when they don’t want to be. The woman is suing these goons for $2 million. ‘They sat her down on a bench and yanked them out… they were embedded in her upper-left breast, if you can imagine,’ Jeremy Beaver said. Officer Taylor-Santino [Read More…]

Feel Safer Or You May Be An Enemy of the State

Senate Bill rewrite lets Feds read your email without a warrant I wonder if they will send the cops to tase you into cardiac arrest if you find a hack around that. What I find darkly amusing about the latter story is that, after a cursory mention of an innocent woman brutally tased to her [Read More…]