Why Would a Catholic from a Jewish Background Feel Unwelcome

…among the sort of Traditionalism promoted by defenders of Rorate Coeli? Dawn Eden, in that hypersensitive way that, you know, Those People have gets all hot and bothered just because one of the main sources RC relies on for dishing dirt on Pope Francis is a Holocaust Denier! Patient, thoughtful and not-at-all-bigoted-or-crazy representatives of Truly True [Read More…]

A Fairly Typical Encounter with a Member of the Urine and Vinegar Wing

I keep being told these people are a tiny minority in real life.  I have no reason to doubt it since I almost never meet them in my parish, just as I–living in the least-Churched city in America never meet militant atheists in real life either.  Something about face to face encounter almost always guarantees [Read More…]