For Anybody Who has Ever Considered Suicide

Don’t. It gets better. God bless Kevin Briggs. FWIW, in February 1977, I was pretty close to where Kevin Berthia was. No hope in my life. Without God in the world. Deeply lonely and, worse, with no idea that there was any hope or love, in a universe I was taught had spat me out [Read More…]

Something for Boston

God love Beantown. [Read more…]

Ancilla Domini

…continues her post-abortion walk and grapples with post-election stress disorder. It is worth remembering that this conversation took place just a few hours before the Speaker was to be beaten, tortured, and die the most ignominious death the ancient world could inflict: Let not your hearts be troubled; believe in God, believe also in me. [Read More…]

A reader writes that he has hope, saying…

I see more evidence of hope this election cycle; not a fake hope built on people, but a real hope built on Christ and His Church and Her teachings. Teachings which should be learned, respected, and followed regardless of what type of Democrat or Rupublican your peers will see you as. I have issues with [Read More…]