Living “as if”

The president-elect’s Chief Strategist is a man who proudly boasts giving a platform to such filth. What do we do about enemies who advocate grave moral evil and who now have massive power? Pray for their redemption and work for their crushing defeat. Fight them, not with hatred, but with a will to live “as [Read More…]

John Zmirak Says I Think the People Making the PP Vids are Sinning Gravely by Lying

I’ve been swamped in recent weeks with work and so could not reply at the time, but I thought I should try to respond to this. In an odd turn of events, John Zmirak has launched an angry assault on Yr. Obdt. Svt. for allegedly calling Lila Rose an “evil temptress”, for allegedly thinking it [Read More…]

Backfire: The Facts Were Bad Enough

America takes a look at the whole Planned Parenthood video and I now fear it is, once again, going to backfire on the prolife movement. The real horror of the video (and monstrous horror it is) is the PP rep’s casual discussion, over fava beans and a nice chianti, of her crushing and shredding human [Read More…]

Somehow, when the Holy Father says to bear a more authentic witness

…lots of Christians hear that as “Scream harder at little girls.” The worst thing that happened to the Church in these United States was Christians forgetting the gospel and becoming convinced that the goal was to win political power in the Culture War.  It was only a matter of time till it became clear that [Read More…]

Pharaoh and the Gosnellification of Terrorists

So, yet again, Bronze Age savages with 21st century technology have inflicted a wound on civilization by demonstrating that a statistically significant swath of the Religion of Peace can’t cope with people who make fun of it. The massacre in Paris is one of a thousand others like it and we recognize that this kind [Read More…]

God Love Abby Johnson!

Here she is on the Gosnell verdict, responding to the weirdness of prolifers who indulge bloodthirsty death penalty rhetoric in the name of him who died to give us his mercy: I took my own children’s lives…twice. Not because I was coerced. Not because I didn’t know better. But because I thought children would be [Read More…]