A Musical Work of Mercy

A reader writes: Might you be able to post on our latest project out of the Diocese of Boston? It’s coming out this week and makes a great Christmas present- and supports a great school! It is very sweet. Here is the video: To purchase and for more information, go here. [Read more…]

Visiting the Sick

Yr. Obdt. Svt. on a Work of Mercy that has suddenly taken on especially Christ-like significance as panicked people freak out about a handful of cases of ebola. If you want to know more about the Catholic tradition of the works of mercy, click on this lovely cover: [Read more…]

The Corporal Works of Mercy

Over at Our Sunday Visitor, yr. Obdt. Svt. offers a little piece on half the works of mercy. [Read more…]

Unsolicited Testimonials

Quoth a reader: “Mark Shea’s book on the works of mercy (conveniently titled “The Work of Mercy“) is AWESOOOOOME.” Modesty forbids me from commenting myself. If you fear he is inaccurate, my recommendation is to click the link above, purchase a copy for yourself (autographed!), read it, and then make your own judgment. Also, don’t [Read More…]

Interesting Suggestion for Works of Mercy

A reader writes: I am finally enjoying your book The Work of Mercy. Great stuff. As I was reading “clothe the naked,” it occurred to me that I have some thoughts which, if you think them worthy, might suit a later edition, a blog post, an article, an interview or speaking engagement, or some other [Read More…]

Win a Free Copy of The Work of Mercy!

Sarah Reinhard is reviewing it over at the Catholic Mom blog and giving away a free copy to a lucky reader. Thanks for the kind review, Sarah! My wife is married to the author and she seems to like him, so check it out! [Read more…]