Sin Makes Things–and People–Fall Apart

John Oliver on the surprisingly interesting question of infrastructure (NSFW language)… …bears witness to the fact that part of the reason the Christian faith is true is that it testifies to the reality that we gain our lives by losing them. Multiple generations of civic-minded people denied themselves, did their boring duty, built our infrastructure and [Read More…]

For a guy who allegedly denies the possibility of Hell…

Fr. Barron sure seems to make a pretty clear case for Hell: Of course, he very sensibly declines to speculate on who, if anybody, is there for the simple reason that you have to be God to know that since you have to know the interior disposition of a human heart and no human can [Read More…]

The Hell You Say?

The vagaries of conservative Catholic opinion are hard to chart.  The other day, I remarked that I didn’t know what the big deal was about Fr. Barron’s views on hell (since then people have clarified for me that I was looking in the wrong place and the controversial remarks are elsewhere–of which more anon).  Anyway, [Read More…]

Things I Don’t Get

Here is a perfectly orthodox explanation of the Church’s doctrine of hell by Fr. Robert Barron. Compared with the whole “Hell went out with Vatican II” or “Sophisticated Christians now understand that hell was a medieval fear tactic” or sundry other attempts to say “Ain’t no such thang” what sticks out for me is simply [Read More…]

Theodicy is a problem for monotheists, not theists

A polytheist doesn’t have to ask why an omnipotent good God allows evil. He can always just chalk it up to Loki or Kali. Similarly, a satanist isn’t going to be too troubled when an internet atheist demands to know why satan allows bad things to happen. It’s the dude’s *job*, man. The problem of [Read More…]