The script for “The Principle” in three panels

“I’m just sayin’!” is also acceptable for the third panel. [Read more...]

Pick Your Pope

This guy: or this guy. Three points: A) The conspiracy theory is dumb because it assumes that thousands of poor people in Central America are willing to part with their children and send them on a dangerous trek north all in order to help Obama look good and conservatives look heartless. Conservatives who float such [Read More...]

Dinosaur Comics Brings the TRVTH!

Somebody was explaining to me that it is vital for all *real* Catholics to refuse to trust the Magisterium since the council. He really believed he was “free”. All I could think of was Jesus say, “Go in fear. Your suspicion has made you a slave.” [Read more...]

Basic Aviation and Chemistry vs. Loony Paranoia

This is Mr. Water Drop: Mr. Water Drop freezes at 32 degree Fahrenheit.  When Mr. Water Drop is Way Up in the Sky, where it is very cold, he and billions of his friends freeze into tiny crystals to form Mr. Cloud. You may wonder where Mr. Water Drop comes from. Well, I will tell [Read More...]

Mark! What’s it Like to be a Glamorous, Highly Paid, and Sexy Catholic Writer?

Well, My Public, very often it means getting mail like this (favorite parts: 1) the proof that the used Renault is a fulfillment of Rev 6:1-5.—demonstrated by a commercial starring Will Ferrell and 2) “WARNING: You can easily change the future by donating the 2014 black Grand Cherokee to me.”): January 28, 2014 Why the ancient [Read More...]

“Conspiracy theories are history for stupid people.” – Kathy Shaidle

Discuss. [Read more...]

Another Rock Solid Endorsement for “The Principle”

Reader Jim Condit, Jr writes in my comboxes: What are these panicked attacks on The Principle Movie? If it is that absurd, it will fall on its own. The Trailer (we use to call it a preview!) looks great, and it looks like a thought-provoking movie. Don’t most people need to consider that the earth [Read More...]


Anybody who believes this cock and bull story from Officialdom deserves to perish in the incinerating death ray when the ancient alien war machine awakens to destroy Seattle. BREAKING: Steel Pipe Everyone Should Have Known About Is What’s Been Blocking Bertha Right.  And aliens in the secret lab at Area 51 are just the light [Read More...]


Uber-conspiracy theorists believe conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is a CIA double agent. Of course, that’s to throw us off the scent of the uber-conspiracy theorists and their sinister dark masters. And, as should be obvious, I’m only making fun of it all because I am acting on the orders of my puppeteers in the Vatican. [Read More...]

Ripping the Lid off the Stinking Weed of the Soft Underbelly of Conspiracy…

…in the Garden of Mixed Metaphors, I give you the confirmation of your Darkest Fears: On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study Ali Rahimi 1, Ben Recht 2, Jason Taylor 2, Noah Vawter 2 17 Feb 2005 1: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department, MIT. 2: Media Laboratory, MIT. Abstract Among a [Read More...]