Uber-conspiracy theorists believe conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is a CIA double agent. Of course, that’s to throw us off the scent of the uber-conspiracy theorists and their sinister dark masters. And, as should be obvious, I’m only making fun of it all because I am acting on the orders of my puppeteers in the Vatican. [Read More…]

Ripping the Lid off the Stinking Weed of the Soft Underbelly of Conspiracy…

…in the Garden of Mixed Metaphors, I give you the confirmation of your Darkest Fears: On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study Ali Rahimi 1, Ben Recht 2, Jason Taylor 2, Noah Vawter 2 17 Feb 2005 1: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department, MIT. 2: Media Laboratory, MIT. Abstract Among a [Read More…]

A Work of Mercy (If You Have a Perverse Sense of Humor Like Mine)

Help Jack Chick’s Dark Dungeons become a movie on Kickstarter What could be more important than alerting the world to the massive danger of RPGs? And who better to do that than Renaissance artist and master theologian Jack Chick? [Read more…]

You probably never considered this conspiracy theory

[Read more…]

Hm. I see. Yes. Well…

A reader writes cryptically: As Brzezinski chose Wojtyla, Cheney chose Ratzinger, so Biden will chose the next pope. Vicar means in Latin, what Anti means in Greek. Alrighty then. [Read more…]

Meanwhile, in the Fever Swamps…

it turns out that Obama is a communist agent whose “presidency had been planned since birth“. This particular meme seems to be very popular with the Paranoid American community at present. Of course, the same people who accuse him of being an atheist communist experience no cognitive dissonance when they also accuse him of being [Read More…]

John Zmirak Slays Me Sometimes

Here he is, holding forth in his inimitable style on the odd subculture of End Times speculation: A Trad seminarian I knew from New York City became convinced by an autodidact in biblical prophecy and apparitions. The “prophet,” whom I’ll call “Ed,” spoke in an almost constant stream of profanities like a Martin Scorcese character, [Read More…]

You know those loony people in comboxes warning you about The Conspiracy?



A reader writes:  I thought the following weird news story might interest you. It seems that some Christian groups (predominately Catholic) are claiming the prophecy of the mark of the beast has been fulfilled in the shape of modern smartphones. They argue smartphones are set to replace credit cards as a means of electronic commerce [Read More…]

This is definitely NOT…

creepy or anything. [Read more…]