The Non-Negotiables

Every election, it is customary–and quite right–for Catholic voter’s guide to confront us with the “non-negotiables“: abortion, euthanasia, ESCR, human cloning, gay “marriage”. (I would add in vitro fertilization and torture, but let’s leave that aside for now.) I’m totally down with this list and think it a tonic reminder of some of the basics [Read More…]


Prissy Purist! You *have* to vote for the less of two evils! You are secretly supporting the Other Guy! It’s simple math! If you don’t vote for him, you vote for his opponent when you vote for a Third Party! You are throwing away your vote for the sake of moral posturing! That’s what they [Read More…]

Trying to figure out the calculus here

I’ve been continually instructed that when I urge people to vote their conscience and not be slaves to the party system, I am effectively urging them to cast their vote for Obama since, as I am constantly told, a vote for a third party is *really* a vote for Obama because it’s not a vote [Read More…]