Anne Kennedy Writes a Nice Defense…

…of Simcha Fisher. Perhaps the two most absurd things I hear from the Paladins of Family and Life at St. Blogs are these: 1. It was “scandalous” that a Catholic writer should tell a bawdy joke about a thrice-married, draft-dodging strip club owner who brags that his years of dodging sexually transmitted diseases were his [Read More…]

Getting broken has been strangely good

Was feeling pretty down last week.  Bullets you fire through your own feet can carry a bit of a sting.  And great flaming walls of hate washing over you can also bring on the blues.  So my assumption was that I would more or less curl up in a ball and feel sorry for myself. But [Read More…]

Pretty Balanced Account of Israel/Palestinian Conflict

…though way behind on the body count. I don’t look to the leadership of either the Israelis or Palestinians for any hope at all.  I look to God and, God willing, the small and unheard of people who are, on both sides, determined to live in peace.  People like Pelosi, who pretend that Hamas is [Read More…]

Musing about Some Prolife Christian Responses to Sandy Hook

A reader writes: I am so tired of seeing people politicize this tragedy. But I’m not talking about the media and the gun control issue. I’m talking about all my pro-life friends who keep comparing this tragedy to abortion. Am I missing something? It seems so insensitive to bring the issue of abortion up in [Read More…]

The Trouble with All Those “[Fill in the Blank] Pride” Weeks/Days/Months

Yes. I get that in English “pride” doesn’t simply mean “ice cold rejection of the love of God and neighbor and embrace of the lie of total self-sufficiency that is the sin which made the devil the devil and is the source of all moral evil in the universe”. It also means “loving one’s work, [Read More…]

Zac Alstin…

tackles the problem of the ad hominem fallacy. The problem is this: “Joe’s wrong because he’s ugly” is a worthless ad hominem, but “Joe’s wrong because he’s a stupid bigot” *might* be fallacious, but it might also have some merit since a pattern of stupid bigotry can, in fact, alter and even destroy Joe’s thinking [Read More…]

On Accomodating Weakness in Spiritual Direction

Some of my readers on the Perry Lorenzo thread are registering surprise at the conversation with confessors/spiritual directors I mention in which some have told me they sometimes deem it better, for the time being in a specific relationship, for a homosexual relationship to continue due to the fact that worse damage will be done [Read More…]

Cheap communications technology makes media more democratic

That, like all things merely human, has a good side and a bad side.  The good side is obvious: media stops being the plaything of a few rich men and women. The joy of watching Old Media squirm at being caught in a lie by the vigilant fact checkers of the blogosphere should warm the [Read More…]