10 Years of Conversation in Four Paragraphs

I guess I’m wondering if I abide by the magisterium then what political party in your opinion would I be aligned with? If you abide by the Magisterium, you should not align with a party but with the Church. Then you should cannibalize whatever works and is not immoral from any political school you encounter [Read More...]

Fr. Robert Spitzer…

…is an endlessly interesting human dynamo: [Read more...]

Pat Madrid…

points to this refreshing suggestion that we try to think as Catholics instead of as Republicans or Democrats. The comments from people on Pat’s page, complaining of the priest as a Republican shill and Democrat fool who doesn’t appreciate the glories of the death penalty suggest he is definitely on the right track. [Read more...]

Sign #2398472 That our Voting Is Informed by Something Other Than the Church’s Teaching

…is the fact that we could ever have arrived at the categories of “Social Justice” versus “Prolife” Catholics.  Pure heresy, pitting one aspect of the Church’s teaching against another as though they are opposites.  No Catholic who believes and understands the Church’s teaching should, for one second, allow  him or herself to be stampeded into [Read More...]

Zac Alstin…

debunks the Myth of the Self-Made Man, as anti-catholic and anti-Christian a myth as any lie of modernity.  If there is one thing Christianity exists to destroy, it is the lie that any human being is “self-made.” “You are not your own; you were bought with a price.” – 1 Cor 6:19-20.  This is true, [Read More...]