Semi-Annual Tin Cup Rattle, Day 4

Honest.  I wouldn’t ask if we weren’t extremely tight financially.  And when I’m not scribbling here, I’ve been editing books, ghost-writing a couple more, and cranking out work for various mags, newspapers and periodicals.  Please consider helping an emphatically lower middle class writer keep his smart alec kids in tennis shoes and burritos. (Funny story: [Read More…]

Tin Cup Rattle, Day 3

Here at CAEI, you get to discuss just about anything, ponder the Elton John’s relationship to Forming Intentional Disciples, help a mom and her kids, find out about Tom McDonald’s view of ghosts, watch Richard Dawkins go stark staring mad now and then, argue about the synod and gab about lotsa other stuff. And, of [Read More…]

It’s Day 2 of the Semi-Annual Tin Cup Rattle!

This is one of those increasingly rare moments where I ask for some small remuneration for my efforts to provide you with the sort of Catholic content, newsiness, fun, and so forth that is this blog. We Sheas live in narrow financial straits. For those who have joined the blog since last time, I am [Read More…]

Day 4 of the Tin Cup Rattle

On this blog, you get to argue about Combox Experts, read St. Francis de Sales say: “On the contrary, the evil spirit is turbulent, rough, disturbing; and those who follow infernal suggestions, thinking that they are heavenly inspirations, as a rule are easily identified, because they are loud, headstrong, proud, ready to undertake or meddle [Read More…]

Good Morning! It’s Day 2 of the Tin Cup Rattle

This is one of those (please God) increasingly rare times where I ask for some small support for my efforts to provide you with the sort of Catholic content, newsiness, fun, and so forth that is this blog. We Sheas are in more than normal narrow financial straits at present. I am a writer (and [Read More…]

Today, I’m at the dentist!

Here is a piece on a much happier and less expensive subject: Mary and how she guard the truth of our relationship to God. If you like it or the rest of my work, please consider dropping a few shekels in the Tin Cup Rattle by a) clicking the donate button under my ugly mug [Read More…]

Still Forced to Rattle the Tin Cup

We at Chez Shea are deeply grateful to all y’all who have contributed.  We’re in a bit of a financial jam right now.  We live on a financial knife edge and between a financially dry summer, wedding costs, and quarterly taxes for the self-employed (and uninsured), we are more than usually teetering on the knife edge.  [Read More…]

Low Income Writer Tin Cup Rattle

“So Mark, I notice you haven’t posted as much this week.” Yeah.  Between the wedding and its attendant expenses, plus travel, plus being on the road, plus I’m finishing up a book (Ignatius will be re-issuing By What Authority? Yay Ignatius!) plus I’m plowing through tons of old email and trying to get caught up [Read More…]