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As I feared…

…the bawling sound of a cash cow being bled to death that rippled out of En Zed when Peter Jackson announced he was turning the slim and joyous children’s tale The Hobbit into a three part epic was not just my ears playing tricks on me. It sounds like it’s not a *bad* movie (70-ish [Read More...]

Caution: Toxic Levels of Nerdliness

The Plate Tectonics of Middle Earth I wonder what the effect on plate tectonics was when Middle Earth went from being flat to round and Numenor was plunged into the depths of the sea? [Read more...]

Getting Benedict Wrong

Mark Brumley looks at a couple of the illiterate ways in which the press completely misunderstand Pope Benedict’s Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives. F’rinstance: The problem of the media misread has become noticable enough that Spanish theologian Jose Maria Gil Tamayo, writing in L’Osservatore Romano, has criticized the media for missing the point of [Read More...]


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Nifty looking new book

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The New Hobbit Trailer!

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I’m Totally Doing This

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