The Internet!

Where some guy can sing “I Dreamed a Dream” in the voice of Gollum and become a huge hit! What a great world! [Read more...]

Lord of the Ringos

First Things has a piece on the anonymous garage band that may have helped inspire J.R.R. Tolkien to keep the Beatles from ever getting their mitts on The Lord of the Rings and making a movie out of it starring themselves.  Whenever I contemplate what a massive train wreck that project would have been I [Read More...]

Because you can never have too much Tolkien

Drew Bowling writes not one, but two essays on Tolkien. Part I: Part II: [Read more...]

And while we’re talkin’ Tolkien…

here’s Tolkien (Christopher) on Tolkien (Dad).  Or more precisely, on what pop culture (including Peter Jackson) have done to Dad’s work. Synopsis:  Christopher is Not Happy. [Read more...]

The Irrepressible Brandon Vogt…

recently posted a couple items youse guys might be interested in: (Video) Interview with      Fr. Barron – On Pope Benedict XVI and Jesus of Nazareth: The      Infancy Narratives 8 Books on J.R.R.      Tolkien’s Catholicism Check thou it out, dudes and dudettes! [Read more...]


It’sssss our Birthday! As we all celebrate the great gift of this wonderful writer, let us reflect on the fact that if the Many Worlds Hypothesis is true and every possible variation on our universe exists somewhere, then we have cause to be grateful that we live in the universe that got “J. R. R. [Read More...]

Since there was a discussion about myth yesterday

…and at least some of my readers are under the impression that “myth” means fiction, I thought I would give all y’all a refresher in Mike Flynn’s terrific discussion of how something can be mythic but not fictional and even have roots in history. The story of the Fall is told in “figurative” language, according [Read More...]


So yesterday John Farrell and I did a Skype chat on “The Hobbit” which you can now view over at his site at [Read more...]

As I feared…

…the bawling sound of a cash cow being bled to death that rippled out of En Zed when Peter Jackson announced he was turning the slim and joyous children’s tale The Hobbit into a three part epic was not just my ears playing tricks on me. It sounds like it’s not a *bad* movie (70-ish [Read More...]

Getting Benedict Wrong

Mark Brumley looks at a couple of the illiterate ways in which the press completely misunderstand Pope Benedict’s Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives. F’rinstance: The problem of the media misread has become noticable enough that Spanish theologian Jose Maria Gil Tamayo, writing in L’Osservatore Romano, has criticized the media for missing the point of [Read More...]