Why have I never heard this story?

Meet Dianna Ortiz: Dianna Ortiz (born 1961) is an American Roman Catholic nun of the Ursuline order. While serving as a missionary in Guatemala in 1989, she was abducted on November 2 by members of the Guatemalan military, detained and tortured for 24 hours before being released. After her release, Ortiz reported that an American [Read More…]

Sean Hannity Makes the Case for Domestic Torture

Hannity acts as Minister of Propaganda for Trump Torture Regime What is sinister about this is that FOX, with absolute reliability, not only resumes the work of teaching its audience of Good White Christians that torture is good, but sets up a scenario to legitimate using in, not merely against scary dark-skinned foreigners from 24, [Read More…]

Trump calls for torture, says it works

…argues we have to fight fire with fire. This is as clear a moral choice as Catholic Trump supporters could face. He doesn’t even use the bogus euphemism “enhanced interrogation.” We’re talking torture. The Church is extremely clear: 80. Reason attests that there are objects of the human act which are by their nature “incapable [Read More…]

Nearly Half of Americans Think Torture Can be Useful

They believe this based, not on the actual information provided by real interrogators who insist it is worthless, but on a steady stream of lies and disinformation from conservative news sources bent on defending Bush/Cheney torture policies, reruns of “24”, and on applause lines from Donald Trump and other GOPers who champion torture. And the [Read More…]

God bless General Mattis

Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis appears to be a soldier of the old school who recognizes that war requires violence, but that such violence is something you have to do, not something you get to do.  One of his more memorable quotes (in a speech to his troop when they arrived in Iraq in [Read More…]

Nothing says “prolife” like love of torture and murder

Mike Pence greatly admires Dick Cheney and would model his Vice Presidency on his. That would be the Dick Cheney who dodged the draft five times (like Pence’s running mate) and who boasted that he had no problem with the fact that he oversaw torturing an innocent man to death. The Dick Cheney who helped [Read More…]

Meanwhile, Ben Carson Follows Trump into Cheering for Torture

The anti-abortion-but-not-prolife Right continues to poison the gospel with love of mortal sin. [Read more…]

Jeb Bush Throws a Bit of Red Meat to the Torture-Loving GOP Base

Sends a clear signal that he’s open to reviving the Chamber of Horrors his brother’s Administration established. The mortal sin of Torture is a Core Value for the Anti-Abortion-but-Not-Prolife Party (you remember? The Party that still looks to Ann Coulter as a Valued Pundit when she says Trump could perform abortions in the White House [Read More…]

The American Psychological Association

…court prophets to Bush Administration torture program. [Read more…]

Not Just Evil, But Stupid Too

Judge Andrew Napolitano breaks with the conservative hivemind at FOX to point out that if you are going to be an “ends justify the means” apologist for mortal sin, you should at least have something besides some old reruns of 24 as your evidence that your Faustian Bargains will not lead to losing your wretched soul [Read More…]