There Really is No Wiggle Room for Torture Sophists

A reader writes: I just wanted to share something that I think is significant as an extremely recent magisterial statement from Pope Francis–may be the most clear prohibition of torture “under any circumstances” from the magisterium. It occurred this past October 23, in Francis’s address to the delegates of the International Association of Penal Law [Read More...]

Christian Democracy on the Tortured Logic of Torture Logic

…here and here. [Read more...]

We are a land of laws…

…until torture is sanctioned by the government. In the period when the abuses were going on, the Senate Intelligence Committee failed to subpoena documents, interview CIA officials, or ask to visit sites where torture was being conducted. As early as January 2002, National Security Council principals, aware of “potential charges of torture,” began debating whether [Read More...]

More Wearying Attempts to Avoid the Bleeding Obvious

A reader writes: I’ve enjoyed your talks and essays from time to time, but I think your reaction to this whole torture debate has been bizarrely self-righteous and extreme.  I believe the last essay I saw meditated on all the wicked “conservatives” who are going to Hell for supporting “torture” and so on and so [Read More...]

Phil Lawler Wrestles with a Mysteriously Popular Desperate Lie from Catholic Torture Defenders

The man has written wisely and well on the this beloved-by-far-too-many-conservative-Catholics mortal sin and, as a result, heard the same foolish lies in defense of it as I get on a daily basis. He writes: Since you’ve been so persistent on the question of torture, I’m curious whether you’ve been hearing the same odd argument [Read More...]

Today’s Desperate Lies from Torture Defenders

In the ongoing effort of “prolife” Torture Defenders to ignore the fact that, among other things, we anally raped, froze to death, beat, stood on the broken legs of, and threatened to murder the wives and children of prisoners, said defenders insist on perseverating over the now dead as a doornail question: “Waterboarding: Is it [Read More...]

A Novena Proposal For a Consistent Ethic of Life

Mark Gordon writes: Most disappointing are those Catholics who pair their acceptance of torture – which in the case of the CIA’s operation resulted in the death of at least one innocent man – with an assertion of their impeccable pro-life credentials, as if their condemnation of one intrinsically evil act cancels their embrace of another intrinsically [Read More...]

The CIA didn’t just torture…

…they experimented on human beings. Torture Defenders: Why die on this hill? Why go on defending this? Repent. Receive the mercy of God, and move on. [Read more...]

Today’s Desperate Lie from a Torture Defender

Just as though I have not recommended How to Break a Terrorist (by an actual interrogator) a thousand times to laptop bombardiers and Torture Lovers, a combox torture zealot with no actual knowledge of interrogation or of elementary human decency, much less Catholic teaching or American civil law, writes: Hey moralizers! How would you extract [Read More...]

The next time a “prolife” Torture Defender says…

“Liberal pantywaists care more about a few terrorists than they do about the unborn” bear in mind that he is defending the sodomization of children at Abu Ghraib that somebody thought would be a great thing to get on tape. Attention: “prolife” “Faithful” Catholic torture defenders.  It is hard for you to kick against the [Read More...]