Please Help Life Matters Journal

Aimee Christine Murphy of Life Matters Journal writes: We Made Massive Waves This Summer! Please help us make “March for Life Season” magnificent This Summer, our team went all over the U.S. spreading the Consistent Life Ethic: Dallas for the Pro-Life Women’s Conference, DC for our Reason Rally outreach, Cleveland for our RNC outreach, Philadelphia [Read More…]

I’m sorry to see Jason Jones is mad at me

He writes: Mark Shea accuses those who have dedicated their lives to fighting abortion of using the unborn as “human shields.” In fact, pro-lifers are willing to serve themselves as human shields, defending the vulnerable against the callous indifference of the Democrat party, pro-choice elites in other parties, and our deepening culture of death.” “In [Read More…]

Noted Enemy of the Prolife Movment Bp. Paprocki

explains the Seamless Garment and why it is just Catholic common sense and not the diabolical plan to kill the prolife movement culture warriors claim it is. What has happened is fairly simple: 1. It’s easier to focus on a simple idea (“Save the babies!”) than it is to focus on a more complex idea [Read More…]

Social Justice includes Prolife

The Editors of America on why Tim Kaine should defend the Hyde Amendment. [Read more…]

Now we will elect a new chancellor, a strong chancellor:

one who will not let our tragedy continue. Well, the Trumpkins have played their part as Jar-Jar Binks and nominated Palpatine.  He has given his empty speech full of rage and hollow promises. Most telling moment: the Obama-mocking Trumpkin chant of “YES YOU WILL!” with its unwitting testament to the fact that they look not [Read More…]

A Definition of Insanity

…is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Scott Eric Alt writes: Facts matter. Roe v Wade was a 7-2 verdict, and 5 of the 7 were Republican appointed. PP v Casey was 5-4, and ALL of the 5 were Republican appointed. If the plan for overturning Roe is continuing [Read More…]

The difference between anti-abortion-but-not-prolife…

and Consistent Life/Whole Life/Radically Pro-life in a single tweet: [Read more…]

There is no Pro-Life Case for Trump

Just stahp already, will ya? Trump is the tombstone on the failure of the only “strategy” the prolife movement knows: “Vote GOP or the baby gets it.” It is long past time for people serious about saving lives to abandon this multiply-proven failed approach and embrace the Church’s Consistent Life ethic.   [Read more…]

On Being Radically Pro-Life

Matthew Tyson on the perfectly Catholic proposition that we must defend human life from conception to natural death. The paradox of our time is that the same subculture that perpetually greets Black Lives Matter with “All lives matter” is the subculture that makes very clear that there are plenty of lives that don’t matter at [Read More…]

A reader is looking for a new strategy re: abortion

He writes: After what happened today at SCOTUS, and considering Trump’s list of Supreme Court nominees is real (he is a liar, but let’s consider that list is true for the sake of the argument), does he still fare worse than Hillary (who is expected to appoint at least 3 *young* very-liberal justices)? I wholeheartedly [Read More…]