Distributism is Everywhere

It’s good to see labor actually benefit from the work it does. [Read more…]

What is Distributism?

Distributism is the wild idea that property, power, and wealth should not be concentrated in the hands of a few tyrants running the State, nor in the hands of a few oligarchs running a corporation, but should instead be owned by all human beings, who have a natural right to private property, work and the [Read More…]

Everywhere in the RightWingoSphere…

I’ve been seeing it treated as axiomatic that, of course, workers killed Hostess.  It never even seems to have occurred to the Party of Personal Responsibility that the people who were, oh what’s the world I’m looking for?, responsible for managing Hostess might have just a teensy weensy something to do with the company’s death: [Read More…]

Chesterton Remarked…

…that the problem with capitalism is that there are too few capitalists.  He’s right, of course.  The Church teaches that ownership of property is a good thing and that as many people as possible should be able to do it and make a living wage for their work.  Crony Capitalism, like communism, tends to try [Read More…]