Question to Readers re: Possible Pilgrimage

So something called “Canterbury Pilgrimages” contacted me, wondering if I want to lead a pilgrimage for readers interested in… well, a pilgrimage. I’ve never done anything like that, but I’m game if you guys are. I think the way it works is that if enough people are interested, then we figure out where to pilgrimize [Read More…]

We’re Off…

Also, we’re leaving! The Sheas are headed out to their customary Memorial Day Weekend at our Hidden Island Redoubt, far from the paparazzi and tabloid journalism that typically dogs my steps as America’s Most Portly Catholic Writer. Sometimes the glitter, the supermodels, and the cocaine-fueled parties by the pool full of gold coins become cloying [Read More…]

What I Saw in Noo Yawk

April 17: Arrived Newark on Alaska Flight 8 at 4:25 PM bearing two extremely heavy bags and one light one.  Erin Raymond, a wonderful Army wife and mom (and human dynamo of organization) I met some years back when she invited me out to Leavenworth to speak there promises to meet me at the Newark airport [Read More…]

Patrick Coffin and Fr. Leo Patalinghug are going to Spain

and you can join them if you click on the image below: [Read more…]

Surprising Encounters

So it’s been a busy couple of days, which is why I’ve been scarce. I got my plane tickets for Edmond, OK (which is where I am writing from right now, in the rectory at St. John the Baptist parish–a fantastic parish, by the way).  I felt very confident that I knew how this past [Read More…]

My Excellent East Coast Adventure

So on Tuesday, I flew off to Williamsburg, VA to speak at the College of William and Mary, featuring the oldest building in America in continuous use for education. In your *face*, Harvard and Yale! The Catholic Campus Ministry had me out to talk about “101 Reasons Not to be Catholic”. I got in late [Read More…]

In the Immortal Words of Jar Jar Binks…

Meesa going home! [Read more…]

On the Road to Mpls/St. Paul for the Debate with Michael Voris

That’ll be tomorrow at St. Augustine parish for the Argument of the Month club. Here’s the, uh, write-up: Oktoberfest at AOTM- Special Event- Starts at 3pm Roll up your sleeves, men, and come hungry—not only for the debate of the year, but also for Oktoberfest beer, brats, cigars, and more in the tent outside and [Read More…]

Just a Reminder: Come with us to Rome this November!

There’s still space available for the trip to Rome this November with me and Fr. Shane Tharp.  See the right rail for details ——> [Read more…]

Off to Wenatchee!

My Celtic Bride and I are taking the enormous risk of leaving the house in the care of two large teenage boys and traveling across the mountains like Bilbo and the Dwarves to seek our long-forgotten gold (of friendship) with various dear folk there. I will check in from time to time and be back [Read More…]