To My Amazement, a Trip to Rome May Really Materialize

So awhile back, I noted that one of my ambitions is to get to Rome (and truth to tell, across France to Dunkirk and then on to England (particularly Oxford and Glastonbury) because I am working on a novel and am operating at the distinct disadvantage of knowing almost nothing of the locales in which [Read More...]

Hey Chicago!

The Faire Celtic Bride and I will be in Libertyville this weekend, hanging with the Militia Immaculata gang at Marytown.  If you feel like swinging by to say “Howdy!” feel free.  I’m speaking a couple of times, but fortunately there are much better people to make up for me.  Drop me a line if you [Read More...]

A Kiwi Friend writes

We have been thinking of you – Wednesday in Wellington is the premier of the Hobbit – they are actually going to give two hours live tv time to it. In typical kiwi fashion, it is all very low key – except that Air New Zealand has actually covered one of their jets in Hobbit [Read More...]

If You Need Me…

I am here, at our Hidden Island Redoubt, blessedly incommunicado.  Later, dudes! [Read more...]

Outta here

Taking another little four-day mini-vacation to our Hidden Island Redoubt.  We are back Tuesday, then immediately turn around on Thursday and head out to Chicago for our son’s marriage to his beloved.  Then I will stay on for a couple of days at Marytown in Libertyville and give a talk on September 12.  Then I fly [Read More...]

Gone till Thursday

We don’t get, like, real vacations (the two week kind) here at Chez Shea (the last one was, I think six years ago and there was one before that about a decade ago).  This is due to constant deadlines and having to work six 12-16 hour days a week as a general rule to keep [Read More...]

Hitting the Road for Reno and Chesterton 2012 today!

Your prayers for a safe trip, for a successful premiere of Manalive, that my talk not suck, that everybody else’s talks be as great as they always are, and that Chesterton get better known and read would be appreciated! GKC fans!  See you later today!  Chesterton 2012 here we come! Later dudes!  Back Monday! [Read more...]

Back from New Mexico

We had a wonderful time in NM, thanks to the good people of Immaculate Heart of Mary parish. The guys went on an explore out to Bandilier National Monument on Monday while I hung at the hotel and edited a book. Had a big BBQ that evening the talk went well. Tuesday, I blew off [Read More...]

Email is screwy where we are

I can receive email, but I’m having trouble sending it.  So please wait till Friday or next week to hear back from my by email.  Sorry! [Read more...]

By the way, Greetings from Los Alamos, NM!

We got in on Friday, rented a car in Albuquerque, and using a spiffy Garmin GPS system we borrowed from future daughter-in-law Claire, we found our way to the Natural History Museum, where we beheld Stan the T Rex in all his splendor: Sadly, Stan is just a replica. However, they did have some real [Read More...]