Breaking Open the Liberal Echo Chamber…

amberamberamberamberamber…. [Read more…]

How Things Work in the World of Discernment-Free Conservative Folk Hero Worship

If a priest is a Sacrosanct Cult Figure who misbehaves, then the screams are “Touch not God’s Anointed!” If, however, the Sacrosanct Cult Figure is a lay Real Catholic blowhard who spends *virtually all* his time bashing bishops (who are, you may recall, priests too), then we are to understand that any questioning of his [Read More…]

Everything in America is Just Fine and We Do Not Need God or Anything

You know, when you read “Bulletproof clothing designer launches new line of children’s vests, backpacks…” and “OBAMA SIGNS RENEWAL OF WARRANTLESS WIRETAP LAW — BEHIND CLOSED DOORS… and Activists voice dismay as Senate renews government surveillance measure… it is rather hard to disagree when you also read Oliver Stone: ‘USA has become an Orwellian state’… The [Read More…]

Lefty Tribalists Kick People Back in Line

It’s funny.  While I’m being informed that I think making a profit is evil, and “smack of” French Revolutionary radicalism for quoting Scripture, Chesterton and the Catechism, some poor schmuck over at the Daily Beast is getting his head handed to him for daring to stick it outside the hermetically sealed bubble of epistemic closure [Read More…]

The Left’s Righteous Mind

Interesting study that belies the conviction of so many Lefties about their open-mindedness–conducted by an honest Lefty. It certainly comports with my experience here in ultra-violet Blue Seattle. I suspect there are Mississippi Klansmen more open to new ideas and the blandishments of reality than some of the Lefties I’ve worked with at the University [Read More…]