Heresy Always Winds Up Mutating into its Opposite

So you start a movement to “free” the gospel from the Church Christ founded and you wind up selling the “blood of Jesus” for $2000 in 500 ml bottles and $3250 in 750 ml bottles. I know a place you can receive the actual blood of Jesus free of charge and where, in fact, trying to [Read More…]

The American Experiment and Truth Cancer

When I contemplate the fact that the Land of the Free has a bigger prison population than Stalin, and I read about such Big Brotherism as this: “The NIH inventors have developed a mobile health technology to monitor and predict a user’s psychological status and to deliver an automated intervention when needed. The technology uses [Read More…]

Truth Cancer and the Redemption of Rebellion

Long ago, I wrote a piece about the weird way that heresies tend to morph into their opposites over time, liberation movements turn into despotisms, feminism turns into a race to eradicate the feminine, communist movements to liberate the oppressed classes turn into forced famines to exterminate them, pro-choice movements back compulsory abortion–and most recently, [Read More…]