As Expected, SCOTUS Makes Same Sex “Marriage” Legal

First stage of history complete: What could it hurt? Now we embark on the second stage of history:  How were we supposed to know? Gotta love Scalia’s dissent: If, even as the price to be paid for a fifth vote, I ever joined an opinion for the Court that began: ‘The Constitution promises liberty to [Read More…]

Millions of Genetically Modified Mosquitos…

…are actually a pretty good idea. [Read more…]

Scientists Engineer E. Coli with Six DNA Base Pairs…

…instead of the four that exist in all of nature. Because what could it possibly hurt? [Read more…]

Google wants….

…to run your home. What could it hurt? Google wants. [Read more…]

A conundrum

As Belgium considers a new euthanasia law for kids, the question arises: Is this the “What could it hurt?” phase of history, or the “How were we supposed to know?” phase? Outrage builds on outrage with such increasing speed, you have less time to get numbed to the previous one before the next one hits [Read More…]

Attention: We are Now Entering the “What Could It Hurt Phase” …

of Molecular Biology. [Read more…]

California: Pioneering the Way to Getting Rid of “Safe”…

…from the old “safe, legal, and rare” dodge for excusing abortion they used to toss around during the Clinton years. Jerry Brown (another triumph of Jesuit education) signs into law a bill permitting non-physician abortions. Because as Kermit Gosnell demonstrated, what the abortion industry really needs is to add to the already unregulated butchery industry [Read More…]

Meet Father Dad

NBC looks at the possibility of married priests in the Latin rite.  Most people take the “What could it possibly hurt?” side of the question.  I advocate for considering the “How were we supposed to know?” consequences.  Still and all, a reasonable coverage of the controversy, which is a rarity in the MSM. [Read more…]


I did not know this, but it is gratifying to see that before it became sexy to lie and tempt people to mortal sin, old school prolifers Robbie George and Bernard Nathanson articulated what used to be known as “the normal position of Christians”: George: “When you were promoting abortion, you were willing to lie [Read More…]

Attention Contraception Zealots of Generation Narcissus!

You are now entering the second phase of history. First phase: Artificial Contraception! What could it hurt? Second Phase: Delaying retirement for years and years since the pool of workers to support the social safety net is shrinking even as the pool of Generation Narcissus dependents on the social safety net is growing. And when [Read More…]