Recently, I wrote a piece on Christian Democracy…

…which you can read here. I said, in part: Christian democracy must, by the nature of the case, confront the fact that man is fallen and requires a savior. It’s not all “Fanfare for the Common Man.” As the Athenians discovered when their democratic civilization committed suicide in the Peloponnesian War, pure democracy is a [Read More…]

Dear America

When a propaganda film from the North Freakin’ Koreans does a disturbingly accurate job of painting your portrait… the time is long past for you to stop saying “But that’s North Korean propaganda!” and start saying, “God have mercy. We repent.” When enemies as evil as the psychopaths who rule NoKo look less and less [Read More…]

What Slippery Slope?

1965: Contraception will never lead to acceptance of abortion. 1973: Abortion will never lead to acceptance of euthanasia Today: Euthanasia will never lead to the murder of expensive care patients without their consent. 1960s: No fault divorce will never lead to “marriage” becoming a meaningless word. 1990s: Gay ‘marriage’ will never lead to the acceptance [Read More…]

Today’s Reminder that Israel is Just a Secular Nation State

and not the uber-sacrosanct unquestionalable Chosen by God Nation State that is immaculately conceived and preserved from all sin both original and actual that exists in the fever dreams far too many Americans. Hebrew edition of Playboy debuts. [Read more…]

From what used to be Europe

…a reader writes: You may be interested in reading the former Archbishop of Canterbury Carey’s comments about Christianity in the UK ( I am Catholic) . I was born in England and lived there until 2001 and I can confirm his comments. I know live in Sicily which, thank God, is a very Catholic place [Read More…]