When the Poor Get Sterilized by the Rich…

…don’t hold your breath waiting for the rich to apologize.  Treating the weak like cattle is par for the course for population planner types.  Just enough of the powerful.  Way too many of the weak. [Read more…]

Everything That’s Vile and Evil about Randianized Christianity

…in three sentences: If you get lung cancer from smoking then you shouldn’t get treatment. It says right on the box may cause cancer.Let mother nature takes its course for the next 20 years and see where we are after that. I’ll explain to my Mom that if she be like to die she had [Read More…]

First, the Weak. Eventually, You and Me

“The bodies of the poor, when they are not captive, are worth little to corporations. But bodies behind bars can each generate $40,000 to $50,000 a year for corporate coffers.” [Read more…]


In the country that used to be England, the weak are now to be murdered by thirst at the behest of bean counters.  Coming soon to a post-Christian state near you. [Read more…]

That Stupid Sarah Palin, Warning About Death Panels

What a maroon! Since when, in the past century, have we ever seen state bean counters kill innocent people in large numbers because they were deemed to be a costly burden on the efficient running of a gleaming modern state/corporate amalgamation? [Read more…]