We are now entering the “How were we supposed to know?” phase of history in Iraq

“Those who decide that all peaceful means that international law makes available are exhausted assume a grave responsibility before God, their conscience and history,” – Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls, March 20, 2003 I’m finding it harder and harder to argue against the fact that we need to kill the rabid dog that is ISIS. I can’t stand [Read More...]

Cosmetic bombs and real help

I suspect a strong inverse statistical relationship between the “Bomb Iraq!” crowd and those who want to give these refugees the asylum we absolutely *owe* them. The more we want to drop a few bombs–to assuage our conscience that we “did something” before leaving these people to their fate and shrugging “we tried”–the less we [Read More...]

The Death of the Church in Mosul

For the first time in 1600 years, there was no Mass in Mosul this weekend. Our war in Iraq failed to meet one single criterion for Just War.  There was no lasting, grave, and certain threat, and this led to the Duplicity Tango. Step 1 of the Duplicity Tango: Ignore the people calling to finish [Read More...]

Wow. My respect for Megyn Kelly just went way up

MEGYN KELLY: In your op-ed, you write as follows: ‘Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many.’ But time and time again, history has proven that you got it wrong as well, sir. You said there were no doubts that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass [Read More...]

Glenn Beck: “Liberals, you were right. We should never have gone into Iraq”

Repentance is good for the soul. Thing is, Andrew Bacevich, Pat Buchanan, St. John Paul and Benedict are not very accurately described as liberals.  But he means well and it’s good to see. [Read more...]

Gall, Chutzpah, Nerve, Arrogance, Folly and Pride

Cheney:  Obama “so wrong about so much” For instance, his failure to prosecute Dick “Other Priorities” Cheney for war crimes. File under: Arsonist offers critical remarks on fire department. [Read more...]


“The Americans in their intercourse with strangers appear impatient of the smallest censure and insatiable of praise. The most slender compliment is acceptable to them; the most exalted seldom contents them; they unceasingly harass you to extort praise, and if you resist their entreaties they fall to praising themselves. It would seem as if, doubting [Read More...]

We were told 10 years ago

“proportion between the possible positive consequences and the sure negative effect of the conflict was not guaranteed. On the contrary, it seems clear that the negative consequences will be greater than anything positive that might be obtained.” Cardinal Ratzinger, April 2003 Yup. “The irony is painfully acute. Eleven years ago, in response to a terrorist [Read More...]

We Kill People Based on Metadata

No. Seriously. Fortunately, it’s just worthless foreigners we are reasonably sure need killing. And if it’s a mistake, no big deal. It’s not like we are doing everything we can to engender hatred of the US and create a fertile recruiting ground for more Islamic radicalism. Best part: It’s just a matter of time before [Read More...]

More on the Divide in Catholic Moral Theology

A reader writes: The article by George Weigel was indeed very troubling, but it’s not the last time that a major Catholic thinker has openly broken with — or ignored — the Church’s teaching, in order to advocate for war. In February 2014, Robert George co-wrote a piece for National Review in which he advocated [Read More...]