Mission Accomplished!

As Fallujah falls to Al-Quaida-linked forces, the disastrously stupid Iraq War continues to be the gift that keeps on giving and the prescience of two popes and all those Ivory Tower damn librul bishops who were so out of touch with reality continues to be vindicated.  The Conservative Anti-Charism of Discernment?  Not so much.  And [Read More...]

Our Nobel Peace Prize Winning God King…

…murders funeral .attendees and 16 and 12 year old kids in cold blood and, surprise!, creates 40 to 60 new enemies for each person murdered.  Who can fathom the mind of these foreign devils and their mysterious and unforgiving ways? [Read more...]

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama

…waives ban on aiding regimes that use child soldiers. Here’s a recording the volcanic eruption of outrage at this fundamental assault on decency by the God King from the Obama-supporting antiwar Left: Generation Narcissus: The Conscience of our Century [Read more...]

Drew Bowling on Obama’s Syrian Nightmare

…over at Catholic Vote. Not too late to strap Our Dear Leader and Congress to Tomahawks and fire them into Antarctica. It would “send a message” to the people who have done more harm to this country than anybody else over the past 10 years: Our Ruling Class. Speaking of which, Cracked provides its typically [Read More...]

A reader puzzles about Putin

He writes So I read Putin’s Op Ed piece. You can read it in full here. This guy may well be a super villain. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that he vacations (shirtless) in his volcanic lair, feeding his sharks with laser beams on their heads. But the only point in his entire piece [Read More...]

Hard to Argue with This

…take on our media and particularly on the demagogues and enemies of America at Fox: The Daily Show with Jon StewartGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook Someday, in the Great Assizes, it will be shown how many innocent people (including honorable men forced to follow orders by our Ruling Class) have [Read More...]

Ardent Neocon Preaches More War

If we don’t attack Syria, it will make it harder to attack Iran!  War!  More War!  Ever War! It’s amazing how much these guys sound like Commies with their commitment to exportation of The Revolution at gunpoint, no matter how stupid and counter-productive.  Sure the war ideology doesn’t work in reality. But it does work [Read More...]

Strange World, Strange God

A reader writes: I think we should be happy with the potential Syrian resolution, pray gratefully, and note this is what regular miracles are like to thosemof us hoping for peace and justice. Completely agree.  I love that God appears to have used a thug and an effete bonehead like Kerry to jigger the situation [Read More...]

What a few thousand dead foreigners when the prestige of our Ruling Class is at stake?

Pearl Harbor was a limited air strike with no boots on the ground.  Therefore not an act of war. Come to think of it, so was 9/11.  Sure there were civilian casualities.  But what we learned from our own harvest of 116,000 Iraqi civilian casualties and a skyrocketing Iraqi birth defect rate due to our gift of depleted uranium is [Read More...]

Damascene Lunacy

War with Syria: Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Pray for peace in Syria.  God is merciful, but we seem to be doing everything we can to screw up every attempt he makes to bless us. [Read more...]