Damascene Lunacy

War with Syria: Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Pray for peace in Syria.  God is merciful, but we seem to be doing everything we can to screw up every attempt he makes to bless us. [Read more...]

Drew Bowling sees some possible silver linings in our Ruling Class’ Mars-Worshipping Contempt…

…for the will of the American people: Washington is in meltdown, and a radical political realignment is in full force. The situation is grave, but the theatrics are mesmerizing. Obama and his capering war puppets have twisted themselves into a Gordian Knot of hypocritical nonsense. Liberal interventionists and neoconservative hawks continue to forge their Faustian [Read More...]

Conversation with a Military Mom

In which we discuss the way in which our traitors in high office so consistently treat our troops with contempt. Related: Poll: Majority Of Americans Approve Of Sending Congress To Syria And most importantly: Four Things Military Families Want Americans to Know Before Bombing Syria Our troops are flesh and blood, as are their families. [Read More...]

NeoCon Traitors

Long ago, Patrick Buchanan received a bull of excommunication from the neocons as an Unpatriotic Conservative for the grave sin of refusing to back their plans for salvation through democratic capitalist militarism.  They snookered the Right into buying the notion that their Machiavellian war worship was patriotism and denounced critics as disloyal. Now the paladins [Read More...]

Our Dear Leader is Just and Wise

And the soft-handed chickenhawk Lindsey Graham and bellicose John McCain have always been right about every war they have pushed for: Our troops have infinite endurance and we can keep shoveling them around like concrete and keeping their families on food stamps forever. Anything to keep our Ruling Classes feeling good about themsleves as they [Read More...]

Grateful Syrians Can Hardly Wait for Nobel Peace Prize Winner to Rain Death from Above

Of course, they are just Christians, and the one constant of our Mideast policy is the destruction of the Church. Meanwhile, here in America, more disloyal Syrian Christians question our just and wise Leader, even as a foreign potentate undermines America’s campaign to bring salvation through democratic capitalist bombing. [Read more...]

Moscow Patriarchate Also Notices…

…that the one single solitary sure fire result of our Mideast policy is the destruction of the Church. Our friendship with and enmity toward Saddam and bin Laden and Al Quaida and Khaddafy and Egypt may wax and wane over the years, but our tendency to create death and exile for Christians is as constant [Read More...]

Just Because We Aren’t Even Sure Who is Using Chemical Weapons in Syria…

…doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do something rash, stupid, and futile. Something must done. Bombing is something! Therefore we must bomb one or both sides in the hope of killing somebody bad! How can you just *sit* there when people we aren’t killing are dying? [Read more...]

Hard-Hitting Watchdog Media Stands Tall for Peace and Justice

…against a lawless president bent on war–when he’s a Republican. When it’s our Dear Leader on the other hand… Bomb Syria, Even if It Is Illegal On the plus side, not all Lefties are spaniels cheering for Obama to establish his manhood by rushing into a stupid act of war. [Read more...]

We Are a Paris Hilton People in an Apocalyptic World

Yesterday, on FB, I posed the question of whether, due to the extremity of the current crisis, the United States ought to launch a devastating military strike against Miley Cyrus.  Turns out I’m not far off the mark when it comes to the weighty issues that preoccupy the Wisdom of the Voters in our great [Read More...]