To Stop Al-Quaeda…

…suppose we stop bombing and occupying Muslim lands? [Read more...]

Spite-Filled, Ungrateful, Massively Displaced Iraqis Dramatically Raise Their Cancer and Birth Defect Rates

just to make America look bad. There are, of course, rebuttals to the facts presented. One popular one is “This comes from a ritually impure site, therefore the facts it presents about the massive uptick in cancer and birth defects can be ignored.” Another one is, “War is a prudential judgment, but abortion is always [Read More...]

Toddler Chained by Syrian Rebels and Forced to Watch Parents Executed

These savages, the same ones who attacked us on 9/11 (since they are, many of them, Al-Quaida), are now mysteriously the people we are supporting in a conflict I cannot, for the life of me, see any need for us to be involved in. If America was a person, her family would stage an intervention [Read More...]


…is not a corporal work of mercy. [Read more...]

During World War II and the Cold War

…we were smart enough to know that the way to fight wars was to divide the population against its leaders.  So we broadcast into enemies countries and presented a picture of the Allies and the West that made subjects of the Nazi and Soviet regimes envy their country’s enemies.  It relied on a belief latent [Read More...]

Just Listen to These Devils in Human Form

Who can dispute our urgent need to go to war with them and slaughter as many as possible? As this well-conditioned child of the Thing That Used to be Conservatism teaches us with the Wisdom of the Children: In other news, the overwhelming favorite of Faithful Conservative Catholics[TM], bloodthirsty warmonger, torture fan, (and supporter of [Read More...]

NATO Airstrike…

destroys key Taliban daycare center. Why do foreigners inexplicably hate us?  It’s not like they aren’t popping out more kids all the time. What’s a few dead ones?  The real crime here is failure to export birth control.  Arrest the Pope! Update:  For those not getting it, yes: I know the first link is the [Read More...]

Some of my Bourbon GOP Readers Are Busy Trying to Explain…

that *because* preventive war is, in the words, of then-Cardinal Ratzinger “not in the Catechism” that means that it’s AOK. This utterly perverse and totally wrong wrong wrong claim is addressed here. [Read more...]

And yet neither JPII, nor Benedict, nor the world’s bishops ever admitted how wrong they were

And now *this* Pope seem even less inclined to slaughter thousands of innocents in wars for DemocracyWhiskeySexy and concentrate more wealth and power in the hands of our Ruling Class as they trample the weak.  What is *wrong* with him? [Read more...]

Why ‘Unpatriotic Conservatives’ Could Not Be Written Today

is the question raised by the eminently sane Daniel McCarthy. Oooh! Oooh!  Me! Me!  I know! Because the conservatives who objected to the Iraq war were right and completely vindicated by the catastrophe that followed? Because the bullying chickenhawk neocons who tried to excommunicate them were so disastrously wrong that even David Frum, the little hack [Read More...]