Over at the Catholic Herald in the UK

I’m discussing our policies of secret unilaterally ordered drone strikes targeting civilians. In the comboxes, there is the normal mix of sane people (so far a minority as of this writing), coupled with exactly the same sort of crazy (“You cited a ritually impure source! Those civilians have it coming! I suppose you want to [Read More...]

Drone War vs. Just War Teaching

…is under discussion at the Register. [Read more...]

State-Run Media Caught With Pants Down

So the other day, AP ran one of those “Eek! Iran Is Just About to Nuke US!” stories.  It included, as such stories are wont to do, a scary sciency graphy graph with stuff in Arabic at the bottom to give the reader that illusion of Knowing What’s Going On that the media love to do [Read More...]


Greenwald: [I]t is almost certainly the case that an Obama-led attack on Iran would generate far more public support than a Romney-led attack, because most Democrats will almost certainly cheer for the former while pretending to be horrified by the latter, will while Republicans would support both (that’s the dynamic that made the very same [Read More...]

Team America: World Police!

HT: A Conservative Blog for Peace Also: And all so that we can have the freedom to have Nurse Bloomberg tell us what we can eat, so that the President can force us to pay for contraceptives or have our Church crushed by lawsuits, and so that we can be groped at the airport, threatened [Read More...]

Meanwhile, one of the few honest Lefties, Glenn Greenwald

…takes apart Andrew Sullivan’s rapturous court prophet encomiums to the greatness and genius of our Nobel Peace Prize Winner’s campaign of endless war, reminding me of nothing so much as this: [Read more...]

Hey! Our God King has Launched a New War!

Did you know? I didn’t. We seem to now be at the point in our endless wars of Empire where our Ruling Classes don’t even bother to ask or keep us informed as they send our sons and daughters to die for their latest Grand Vision of a Utopian End to Evil. Our latest war [Read More...]

More US Troops Dead from Suicide Than from Combat

Christian Ohnimus has more. Bring them home. Oh, and Erin Raymond of the Military Council of Catholic Women writes to ask that you please pray for a family she knows who just got word that their husband and father was killed in Afghanistan. May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through [Read More...]

One of our troops writes…

Saw this article and immediately called a friend who’s a senior officer in the Army National Guard to ask him what he knows about it and if he’ll be deploying. Said he’s already been asked to go but had the option (this time) of declining. Also said that the expectation is that, with Afghanistan winding [Read More...]