“I Can Tolerate Anything Except the Outgroup”

A very perceptive essay that, inter alia, mentions Chesterton’s Father Brown while talking shrewdly about the difference between actually forgiving and merely excusing things we don’t really think are sins. Real forgiveness is hard because it addresses people who, you know, sinned, dammit!  They don’t deserve forgiveness. Correctamundo.  People who have sinned do not deserve [Read More…]

The Terrifying Mercy of God

Christ died for sinners.  It sounds like a truism until some damn fool Christian takes it seriously and goes to Nuremburg to minister to and comfort Nazis. It is profoundly sobering to reflect on the fact that Hans Frank, the Gauleiter of Poland and a murderer of more than three million human beings was baptized in prison [Read More…]

Has the DSM really been changed to make pedophilia a “sexual orientation”?

It would appear not, according to Greg Popcak.  For which, I am grateful. The distinction the DSM appears to make is between those who feel the temptation and those who act on it.  As Catholics, we need to be aware such a distinction ourselves since the mere fact of a disordered desire does not mean [Read More…]

Heartening story of forgiveness

A reader writes: I just wanted to call your attention to a wonderful, moving article about a Catholic couple forgiving the young man who killed their daughter; in light of recent events, I think we could use more stories like this. (Yes, I know, ritually impure source : > ) I think forgiveness is one [Read More…]