So *That’s* Where They Are

One of the more curious aspects of our Age of Credulity is the complete and utter faith postmoderns put in the notion that antiquity set about a massive project of inventing twelve fictional apostles and then scattering their graves all over the Mediterranean and building shrines to them. There’s no need to even check to [Read More…]

We Do Not Live in the Age of Reason

We live in the Age of Utter Credulity.  All you need is a lab coat, computer  and a facility for turning statistical technobabble into SCIENCE[TM] and you are in business scamming the secular lab-coat-venerating yokels with a success rate that Elmer Gantry could only dream of. [Read more…]

The Halfling’s Leaf Has Clearly Slowed Your Mind

Dude! It turns out the Church invented an Anatolian bishop named St. Nicholas out of whole cloth, based on a Teutonic sea god. Because SHUT UP, that’s why! The “Middle Ages” were the Age of Reason. Now is the Age of Utter Credulity. You can say *anything* about the origins or history of Christianity and [Read More…]