Mom, Daughter Charged with Incest After Marrying in Oklahoma

…and at the end of the day, a libertarian American culture that has rejected any belief in the common good and which believes that consent is the sole criterion of the good can muster no argument beyond “Ew!” to give a coherent account of why they are wrong and why there can be any law [Read More…]

Robert George writes on Polyamory

Sez he: I’m sharing with you a piece I’ve posted at The American Interest on a subject that I’ve addressed in the past only cursorily. I (I think) that there really is no principled way of resisting the argument for the legal recognition of polyamorous partnerships as marriages, if one abandons the idea of marriage [Read More…]

From the Civilization Where “Marriage” Means Anything

Weird semi-female who seems like a washout for the lead in “It’s Pat” wants to marry roller coaster.  We’re all expected to pretend that’s not weird or anything.  Because “marriage” is now a word that means whatever anybody says it means to them. Which is another way of saying “marriage” means nothing. A civilization in which the [Read More…]