Kristine Franklin Interviews Rachel Muha in a powerful episode of “Mercy Unwrapped”

Kristine writes: Rachel Muha, whose college-age son was kidnapped, brutally tormented, and murdered. Rachel’s testimony to God’s grace in helping her to forgive, even to the point of recommending AGAINST the death penalty and in fact lobbying against it for the men who killed her son, is breath-taking. In a world where vengeance is a [Read More…]

Mercy Night at Blessed Sacrament in Seattle

Help begin the Year of Mercy by seeking God’s abundant mercy at Mercy Night on December 11 at 8 PM. Prayer, testimonies, and Scripture readings will accompany the abundant availability of the Sacrament of Confession. Come and receive the pardon and healing of God at beautiful Blessed Sacrament parish here in Seattle. I’ll be there [Read More…]

Behold the Kingdom

Mom hugs daughter’s killer in court. [Read more…]

John Allen on the one word to describe Francis’ papacy

He pretty much nails it: The one-word interpretive key to Francis’ news conference and arguably to his entire papacy to date: “mercy.” As I’ve written before, each recent pope has had a catchphrase that represents his core emphasis. For John Paul II, it was “Be not afraid!”, a call to revive the church’s missionary swagger [Read More…]