You’ve Been Nirvana Rolled

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A reader sends along a curious quote from an atheist correspondent of his

“”I have no perception of anything supernatural thankfully. I never trust my perceptions as human perception is so often wrong. Also my sense of perception is underwhelming to say the least.” He remarks that his wife says “it’s the verbal equivalent of an illustration by Escher.” Hard to disagree. ┬áIt puts me in mind of [Read More…]

Bernie Sanders released a folk album

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I’ve never gotten a spam blackmail note before

This was addressed to me and a bunch of other people in my email box this AM: Dear Sir, I saw a maid servant pick a new born baby from waste garbage basket from my flat window in Thane. At that time I was employed with Cybertech systems & software, Waghle Industrial Estate, THANE, MAHARASHTRA [Read More…]

Well, it was hard to get it autographed by Pope Francis, Sean Connery, Leonardo da Vinci and the Apostle Paul…

but I can definitely say that this copy of This is My Body: An Evangelical Discovers the Real Presence will be worth every penny of the $6,217.49 the seller is charging for it! If that’s too rich for your blood, you can always get the used copy for a mere $4,614.09. [Read more…]

The Crusader Rifle

Gun Cult member advocates rifle that he thinks will give Muslims cooties and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. And “only in America” moment that you could not possibly make up: Seem like this is a good day for the *real* weapon of our warfare: the Holy Rosary. Our Lady of Lepanto, ora pro [Read More…]

Pope Addresses Political Leaders and Never Mentions Abortion or Jesus!!!!

Pope Benedict XVI, that is. And the Political Leaders were members of the European Parliament. Obviously, he is (as one of my readers really actually said of Francis) a “Stalinist“. [Read more…]

King of Sweden Hats

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Something for us all to think about

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Girl Seeks Guinness World Record Recognition for Longest Tongue

A trembling human race stands a-tiptoe hoping she will use her gifts for good and not for evil. [Read more…]