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Vitamin D Supplements Won’t Protect Against Earthquakes

Checkmate, Nutrition “Science”!  What good are you anyway? [Read more...]

Golden Throats!

Clint Eastwood sings! [Read more...]

As we near the season when historically illiterate skeptics around the world declare…

Jesus Never Existed, it important to put on our Thinking Caps and learn to apply that hermeneutic of suspicion to all historical sources. To that end, may I present the penetrating analysis of the “Beatles (as they were presented to us) Never Existed” website. It will change your comfortable, bourgeois, believing-in-Beatles world FOREVER!!!! [Read more...]

The Lawrence Welk Show Presents “One Toke Over the Line”

No. Really. From 1971. Because life just isn’t weird enough. [Read more...]

Sheer Raw Guts

White House opposes Nazi benefit payments Good to know. [Read more...]

The McMass Project

Somebody thinks it would be a great idea to build McDonalds in Churches. No. I am not making that up: I’m sure they mean well and are sincere in their desire to help the Church so the Lord accepts their love for him as he accepts any other offering we make to the best of [Read More...]

People of Earth!

Surrender, or I will continue to post one William Shatner video every day! [Read more...]

God sends us stupid bishops…

…so we will have somebody to pray for. Bishops like Archbishop Lewis Zeigler of Monrovia, Liberia, who helpfully tells his suffering flock that Ebola is divine punishment for homosexuality. File under: Not Helping. [Read more...]

Checkmate, Atheists!

Thanks (I think) to Steven Greydanus for pointing me to this amazing… thing. [Read more...]