The Stupid! It Burns!

Guns Across America rallies are scheduled–for the weekend of Martin Luther King Day. Good thinking. In other public relations success stories, this wise and socially astute fellow: …decided that the way to put everybody’s mind at ease about gun ownership was to go shopping at JC Penney’s heavily armed.  Smart.  Cuz nobody would be petrified [Read More...]

One of the many reasons God must allow Tom McDonald to live forever

…is so that he can go on finding stuff like this to write about–and then write about it. [Read more...]

Bill Clinton: Father of the Year

Bill. Clinton: Father. of. the. Year. Bill Clinton: Father of the Year Bill Clinton: Father of the Year Bill? Clinton?: Father of the Year? Bill Clinton: Father of the Year. My cynicismometer just made a sharp popping sound and emitted a flash of sparks. Now it’s gone dark and single thin plume of acrid smoke [Read More...]

Sobriety is no longer the strong suit of the Thing that Used to Be Conservatism

Some internet rumor is all it takes for the TTUTBC to instantly have hysterics and imagine Hitler and Stalin are just about to seize power. We love the military and police–and dread that they are just about to launch a war against us that will require the firepower of every Minuteman in the country to, ‘ow [Read More...]


Package for Indiana Jones! [Read more...]

Precious Moments

Two unforgettable quotes from yesterday’s contretemps: “Please name one thing that Voris was not in line with the magnesium of the church on.” *** “I am a huge fan of Michael Voris, S.T.B. and Fr. John Zuhlsdorf! They are living saints, and I’m sure one day they will be named doctors of the Church.” In [Read More...]

Unicorns are Real!!!!

According to no less an authority than North Korea. [Read more...]

What’s Wrong …

with this Picture? I know, I know. Second Amendment. Guns don’t kill people. Just war. Right of self-defense, etc. blah blah And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with marriage and sex either. Jesus would have been entirely within his rights to marry and have children. And yet, still we feel the wrongness of it [Read More...]

Go here. Drag your cursor from right to left across the picture. There. Don’t you feel enriched and renewed? [Read more...]

The 42 Worst Nativity Sets!

Now available for your delectation courtesy of this cruel man.  Also don’t forget to check out Bethlehemian Rhapsody. the kitty cat nativity. makes me want to cough up a hairball. the nativity kitchen timer (ding-ding! baby jesus is born!): yeah, the cat nativity is probably worse. but these dogs ain’t much better… technically, not a [Read More...]

Total Tim Powers Bait

Here’s a weird little footnote to American History: the Business Plot, in which some corporate types supposed conspired to stage a military fascist coup against FDR. Some alternate history writer has a novel waiting to be written. [Read more...]

Christmas Ideas for the Passive-Aggressive Parent

The invaluable and hilarious Simcha Fisher runs across this amazing brain fart from the Crap for Christmas Machine that is American industry: 6.  Are you mad at your kids?  Do you want to get them something really awful for Christmas?  Well, you might want to consider this: It’s the See It Happen Composting Kit.  I [Read More...]