Today’s Diagnosis of my Eeeeeeevil Soul and Prophetic Pronouncement

A reader writes: Speaking of the sons of Abraham, God says, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.” Mark, it is quite safe to say you’re under a curse with your views of Israel. In case anyone is wondering, my views on Israel are that it is a secular nation-state like [Read More...]

Crisis in Foodieland!

The latest is an uproar over Subway “footlong” sandwiches that aren’t a foot long. A reader comments: Ha! That’s nothing. I went to grocery store and found a package of “hot dogs” which was neither hot nor dog! I think this is what is known as a “First World Problem”. [Read more...]

One of the many reasons God must allow Tom McDonald to live forever

…is so that he can go on finding stuff like this to write about–and then write about it. [Read more...]

Bill Clinton: Father of the Year

Bill. Clinton: Father. of. the. Year. Bill Clinton: Father of the Year Bill Clinton: Father of the Year Bill? Clinton?: Father of the Year? Bill Clinton: Father of the Year. My cynicismometer just made a sharp popping sound and emitted a flash of sparks. Now it’s gone dark and single thin plume of acrid smoke [Read More...]


Package for Indiana Jones! [Read more...]

Precious Moments

Two unforgettable quotes from yesterday’s contretemps: “Please name one thing that Voris was not in line with the magnesium of the church on.” *** “I am a huge fan of Michael Voris, S.T.B. and Fr. John Zuhlsdorf! They are living saints, and I’m sure one day they will be named doctors of the Church.” In [Read More...]

Unicorns are Real!!!!

According to no less an authority than North Korea. [Read more...]

Go here. Drag your cursor from right to left across the picture. There. Don’t you feel enriched and renewed? [Read more...]

Total Tim Powers Bait

Here’s a weird little footnote to American History: the Business Plot, in which some corporate types supposed conspired to stage a military fascist coup against FDR. Some alternate history writer has a novel waiting to be written. [Read more...]

Christmas Ideas for the Passive-Aggressive Parent

The invaluable and hilarious Simcha Fisher runs across this amazing brain fart from the Crap for Christmas Machine that is American industry: 6.  Are you mad at your kids?  Do you want to get them something really awful for Christmas?  Well, you might want to consider this: It’s the See It Happen Composting Kit.  I [Read More...]