“Cultural Marxism” is the new epithet of choice

I’ve been informed I am a “cultural Marxist”. No idea what that means, but I keep bumping into it. It seems to be a sort of right wing swear word, but I’m jiggered if I can figure out what it means, particularly since I’m not a Marxist and I always took Marxism to be a [Read More…]

I have no words

[Read more…]

Every Once in a While, the Vatican Goes out of its Way to Remind Us…

…that it is run by tragically unhip doofuses. Dear Vatican: Take the Pledge. [Read more…]

The Internet is Forever

Zombo.com has been doing its thing since 1999.  Somewhere out in space, 14 light years away, someone or something is deciphering the code from our satellite network, watching this with its compound eyes, and deciding that mounting an invasion fleet just isn’t worth it. Thanks Zombo.com! [Read more…]

The Internet!

Where some guy can sing “I Dreamed a Dream” in the voice of Gollum and become a huge hit! What a great world! [Read more…]

You Can Find News and Commentary on Theology, Politics, Culture and All that Jazz Anywhere

But where else can you go for Screaming Goats? Catholic and Enjoying It: Because God, in his mysterious wisdom, made Screaming Goats. You share a universe with Screaming Goats. Isn’t that wonderful? I think it’s glorious! [Read more…]

Georgia Lawmaker Invites Entire Universe to Make Fun of Him Online

Announces complete ignorance of first amendment–as well as fact he is a petty and censorious tyrant–by pouting “No one has a right to make fun of anyone” and trying to outlaw vulgar photoshopping. He and his face shall become internet memes for all eternity in punishment for his brain-dead Soviet hubris. [Read more…]

Journalists: Your Intellectual Superiors

CNN journo wonders if asteroids are caused by global warming: “Talk about something else that’s falling from the sky and that is an asteroid. What’s coming our way? Is this an effect of, perhaps, of global warming or is this just some meteoric occasion?” One hopes she was kidding. [Read more…]

You Get the Feeling that Oliver Stone…

…has already been signed to do the adoring biopic of this guy. Stories like this have a tendency to bring out the Left’s creepy fascination with violence. It’s a theme as old as the popular cults of Jesse James and John Dillinger in American culture. And he’s a fan of gun control, Obama and Piers [Read More…]

Dale Ahlquist Once Remarked to Me…

…that future ages will say, “That is the kind of bizarre thing that could only have been said around the time of the turn of the Third Millennium in what was then called the United States.” I think of his remark from time to time when I run across weird cultural artifacts like this: FYI: [Read More…]