Please join me in my struggle with John C. Wright

So, a couple of days ago, my son sent me a link to one of the greatest headlines of all time: “Buddhist ‘Iron Man’ Found by Nazis Is From Space” I naturally thought immediately of John C. Wright and so sent him the link saying: If you want to comment on this, the greatest headline [Read More...]

Japan’s Two Most Important Exports

Technology and creepy weirdness. [Read more...]

A prime example of how deeply shallow internet atheism is

…can be seen in this ridiculous “Atheist Prayer Experiment” currently being conducted elsewhere on Patheos: Today’s the big day! It’s the beginning of my 40-day trial by prayer. I’m to pray for two to three minutes per day as sincerely as convenient and ask God to reveal himself to me. I’m to watch for signs [Read More...]

The Next Phase…

of the HHS Mandate? After forcing citizens to pay for prisoner sex change operations, the sky’s the limit! Maybe the State can order Catholics to personally administer euthanasia to undesirables under pain of receiving it themselves. Or perhaps we will be commanded to trample the Eucharist in public demonstrations for Gluten Intolerance Awareness Week. Conscience [Read More...]

Nanny Caesar, Ever Vigilant, Finds New Absurdities to Protect Us From

When you set yourself the task of micro-managing the perfection of the human race, nothing is too trivial to issue guidelines about.  Turns out  now that “hold down the fort”, ‘Going Dutch” and “rule of thumb” are new linguistic menaces that could offend jerks who spend all their time looking for ways to be offended.  [Read More...]

God and the Machine cracks me up

Here’s Thomas McDonald, doing the autopsy on one of the weirdest imbroglios I have had the misfortune to witness. Fave part: Your prayers for the good Father would be appreciated. By the way: CODE GREEN! CODE GREEN! [Read more...]

A story that cries out for John C. Wright’s deft touch

Last night, robots shut down the live broadcast of one of science fiction’s most prestigious award ceremonies. No, you’re not reading a science fiction story. In the middle of the annual Hugo Awards event at Worldcon, which thousands of people tuned into via video streaming service Ustream, the feed cut off — just as Neil [Read More...]

Pens Envy

So it turns out that BIC pens, in a spasm of over-the-top niche marketing, now offers a line of ballpoint pens “For Her”.  You know, modern pens for a modern woman in today’s world.  Totally different from those phallocentric ballpoint pens that only men could use.  The review page for this product over at [Read More...]

Mission Creep

You could hardly find a more exquisite illustration of our tortured politics than the fact that prolifers are cheering wildly because, in this viral video, Anderson Cooper successfully nailed Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is a bald-faced lie.  The lie?  Cooper successfully shows that Romney/Ryan are not *nearly* as committed to stopping abortion as this Planned Parenthood panic-monger [Read More...]

What’s Amazing to Me…

…is that a) there can be a floating island the size of Israel and b) that nobody can have noticed it before. This could get very interesting as this thing floats around in shipping lanes, crashes into some land mass, and/or gets bigger. [Read more...]