What. Were. They. Thinking?

Geniuses in the Eurozone come up with this… thing… to persuade you that your daughter that she can be a scientist *and* a brain dead boy toy. [Read more...]

The Great Thing about the Outer Twilight Zone of Traddery…

…is that it becomes impossible to tell whether a blog like this one is serious or simply a highly sophisticated form of satire. At any rate, it somehow cracked me up while also making me feel great sadness for the guy. I lean toward “serious”, but you can never tell. Those who don’t find it [Read More...]

I am sinking our family’s last penny…

into this. What could possibly go wrong? [Read more...]

I think I may have hit on what I want my funeral to look like

[Read more...]

Curious Gifts

And last but not least: I just hope these people use their gifts for good and not for evil. [Read more...]

The Mystic East

Shows like “Kung Fu” and various other (Western) portrayals of the Awesome Badass Eastern guy who is always centered, cool, highly intellectual, and totally focused (in contrast to the barbarous western bigot) have been a favorite form of self-flagellation for post-Christians, embarrassed by the western tradition and ready to credit anything which tells them that [Read More...]

It’s that special tangy combination…

of child butchering evil and disgusting sociopathic self-pity that makes Islamic fundamentalism such a special special thing. [Read more...]

From the Annals of Spam Suckupery

My blog gets *tons* of praise heaped on it every day. Unfortunately, it mostly comes from spambots. Here is one of the more amusing examples of the praise of my genius from a robot, plucked from the spam file: After review assortment in point of the blog posts by way of your website now, abstruse [Read More...]

Parents! Don’t Let This Fate Befall Your Child!

[Read more...]

Nice to see her make it legal

Previously, she was just living together. Of course, if there’s a divorce it’s going to get particularly messy. “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in a rather a scornful tone,”it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.” [Read more...]

San Francisco: Land of Emperor Norton I

San Francisco official claims he contacted Harvey Milk through a Ouija board – Turns out Harvey is manifesting through the ether to insist on naming a Navy boat after himself. Apparently the Spirit World has repealed “Don’t ask, don’t foretell”. I’m here all week folks.  Try the veal! [Read more...]

Vermont outlaws…

Battlestar Galactica. WTF?: [Read more...]