Go here. Drag your cursor from right to left across the picture. There. Don’t you feel enriched and renewed? [Read more…]

Total Tim Powers Bait

Here’s a weird little footnote to American History: the Business Plot, in which some corporate types supposed conspired to stage a military fascist coup against FDR. Some alternate history writer has a novel waiting to be written. [Read more…]

Christmas Ideas for the Passive-Aggressive Parent

The invaluable and hilarious Simcha Fisher runs across this amazing brain fart from the Crap for Christmas Machine that is American industry: 6.  Are you mad at your kids?  Do you want to get them something really awful for Christmas?  Well, you might want to consider this: It’s the See It Happen Composting Kit.  I [Read More…]

Black is White. Freedom is Slavery.

Price Gouging is Justice. Cheating the Desperate is the Will of God. “Thus says the LORD: “For three transgressions of Israel, and for four, I will not revoke the punishment; because they sell the righteous for silver, and the needy for a pair of shoes– 7 they that trample the head of the poor into [Read More…]

Americans for Limited Government

…win Grand Prize for Most Un-Self-Aware Hypocrites: Send out letter to neighborhoods, exposing the voting habits of their next-door neighbors. The Cato Institute sez they are “an incredibly effective force in advancing the cause of freedom”–if by “freedom” you mean “a nosy police state in which strangers report on you to your neighbors”. Talk about [Read More…]

I’m not up on my libertarian wonkery

Is everybody who works for the Cato Institute barking mad or just this O’Toole dude? Libertarianism is medicine, not food.  It’s good for treating the fever of nanny statism when taken in small doses.  But unfortunately, many buy libertarianism on street corners and from creepy drug lords like Ayn Rand, who lace it with all [Read More…]


L’Osservatore Romano continues its recent trend of weighing in on weird stuff like the school nerd bursting into conversation among cheerleaders to talk about Star Wars trivia in a disquietingly loud tone of voice: His womanising and predilection for gunning down Britain’s enemies may not make him the most Godly of characters, but L’Osservatore Romano [Read More…]

Why they call it…

World Nut Daily. In answer to their question: No. No it doesn’t. [Read more…]

Obama Campaign to Stupid Pranksters

Thanks for the dough, suckers! Geniuses at World Nut Daily decide it would be a brilliant idea to throw some money at the Obama campaign by getting a fake Pakistani IP, a fake ID and saying it came from “Osama bin Laden, 911 Jihad Way, Abbottabad, CA 91101.” It, in fact, came from World Nut [Read More…]

There’s no Weirdness…

quite like Japanese weirdness. [Read more…]